Top Vacation Destinations for Sports Enthusiast India

Top vacation destinations for sports enthusiast India in 2016

Many people are searching for the ideal place for holidaying with family and friends that offers something different. Well, for those of you who love sports, here are a few top vacation destinations for sports enthusiast India that will give you a ride for your money and keep you delighted with sports events.

Paragliding at Manali

Oh it is a fun way to be amidst the skies and enjoy the sight below with snow-capped mountains and valleys. Manali offers the option of paragliding at the Rohtang Pass which you can enjoy whole-heartedly either with friends, family or solo. It is also a perfect destination for ice-skating and ice-sliding on a rubber tube.

Paragliding at Manali

Rafting at Rishikesh

Those of you who love rafting, visit Rishikesh for your upcoming vacation. You will feel the adrenaline rush through you as a part of the rafting group. However, it should be done under professional guidance only. Children are generally not allowed. The Laxman Jhula here is an experience in itself since it is a bridge unsupported by any pillars.

Rafting at Rishikesh

Parasailing at Goa

If speed and fun are things you look for in a sport, you should definitely try parasailing. Goa offers parasailing owing to its beautiful beaches. The parasail is connected to the person and towed behind the speed boats. You can also get the moment recorded or captured by the recreation agency for keepsake. It is an easy to learn sport and offers adventure. However, it must be enjoyed under trained supervision.

Parasailing at Goa

Hot Air Ballooning at Lonavala or Agra or Jaipur

It is a romantic way to enjoy a sport. Also, you can capture the landscape below and enjoy a holistic view. It is one of the safest ways to experience a recreational activity. If you’re still skeptical, there is a pilot who maneuvers the balloon as per the direction of the wind.

Hot Air Ballooning at Agra

Boat Race at Kerala

If you enjoy races, you must witness the boat rowing race which Kerala is famous for. You get the bonus of scenic beauty, natural beaches and traditional South Indian food. You can also stay at the river boats to have a unique vacation experience.

Boat Race at Kerela

In addition, you too can indulge in water sports such as surfing, kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, parasailing and much more at the backwaters in Kerala.

So, visit any of these Top Vacation Destinations for sports enthusiast India, relax with your family and take full advantage of the adventure of fun sports!