Top Destinations to Visit in August

Top destinations to visit in August

South-east Asian countries have something unique about them. Most of them are modern yet stick to their ancient traditions, religions, preserve their culture and food habits. If you have some plans to travel somewhere, don’t look beyond Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, as these are among the top destinations to visit in August.

August overview- August is preferred by regular travelers who like to travel in this month only. As weather in Malaysia is rainy at certain parts of the country, the temperature drops down to around 29°c or less. In Malaysia mostly weather remains good and sunny in places like Redang, Perhentian, Kuala Terengganu and Tioman. In Japan the temperature in August remains between 26°c to 29°c, the rains are sparse in the month of August there.

In Thailand the weather remains good with the temperature dropping to 28°c, except in the northern parts of the country in the hill island Chiang Mai, that gets fair amount of rains during August. Rest of the places can experience some showers, that one has to check before proceeding there. The bottom line is   that, in all these countries, August month is the best time when rush of people is less.


Thailand is a country with a big appeal for the tourists of all kinds, for the secluded kind there are beaches, cool hideouts, bars and unexplored wilderness. For fun lovers there is plenty, from the shopping malls, Massage spas, bars, classy red light area, all night activities clubs etc. For adventure lovers, there is so much to do such as jet-skiing, yachting, speed boat rides and deep sea diving.

Thailand map
Thailand map

Cities in Thailand to see

  • BangkokThe capital city where fun never sleeps

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  • Pattaya The blue sea and sandy beaches, a picture perfect place
  • Phuket- A well -known coastal town, where one can enjoy the sunshine, water sports, speed boat rides to the islands and picturesque panoramic scenes.
  • Chiang Mai – A northern island is a Buddhist monument’s city, besides great fun with its beauty.
  • Hua Hin and Cha-Am- The twin coastal towns are great for Europeans who enjoy great facilities on the sandy sea beaches.


Malaysia is a pleasant and hassle free country, it’s vibrant with multi-cultural population that includes Malay, Chinese, Indians, other ethnic and indigenous groups. This exotic country has all, historical monuments, temples, nature’s wealth, beaches, jungles, wild life and good transportation system.

Malaysia map
Malaysia map

Cities in Malaysia for tourists

  • Kuala lumpur- The capital city’s skyline is covered by skyscrapers such as 451 m tall Petronas twin towers.
  • Penang On Malay Peninsula, by the strait of Malacca, this is the state of Malaysia it has Penang island where its capital George Town is located.
  • Johor Bahru- at Peninsula connecting Singapore, Johor bahru is a happening place with its night life.
  • Malacca cityMalacca city reflects its colonial past with beautiful churches and monuments
  • Kota Kinabalu- Capital city of Sabah state it is a lovely coastal place.


An island nation in the Pacific Japan is technologically happening, full of high rise buildings, Shinto and Buddhist temples and gardens.  A country that should to be seen to believe.

Japan map
Japan map
  • Tokyo Capital city, it is bustling, modern yet culturally strong, a beautiful city.

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  • Osaka On Honshu island, Osaka is a port city and a business center.
  • Kyoto On Honshu island, it has great Buddhist and Shinto shrines, attractive culture showcase.

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  • Okinawa- A big island city has plenty of attractions such as Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, beaches etc.
  • Fukuoka- Huge city on Kyushu Island, malls, beaches, art museum has plenty of monuments.

Certainly the top destinations to visit in August as described, will motivate you to travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, and have great time there.