Sri Harmindar Sahab- Highest Seat of Sikhism

Sri Harmindar Sahab- highest seat of Sikhism

Sri Harminder Sahab falls under the top 20 religious destinations of India. Sri Harmindar Sahab means the abode of God. Golden temple, Sri Harmindar sahab or Darbar sahib, as it’s called, is located in Amritsar, Punjab. Every Sikh’s most revered destination, Sri Harmandir sahib was founded in 1574 by IVth Guru of Sikhism Guru Ram Das. Vth Guru Arjan designed sanctum sanctum Harmindar sahib. This complex has supreme authority of Sikhism Akal Takht. This was constituted by sixth Guru Hargobind sahib. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, the ruler of Punjab, got the upper portions of Harmindar Sahib covered with gold in early 19th century, Sri Harmindar Sahib means the abode of God. Golden temple, Sri Harmindar sahab or Darbar sahib, as it’s called, is located in Amritsar, Punjab. hence it’s called Golden temple.

On an average, 100,000 devotees come from all parts of India and the world every day to worship in Sri Harmindar Sahib and take holy dip in the sarovar-the nectarous pool. Most of them also take part in community services such as shoes management, cleaning and community kitchen or Langar, that is open for all devotees.

Sri Harmindar Sahab


The construction of the sacred nectar pool was carried out by the instructions of 3rd Guru Amar Das to 4th Guru Ram Das. All followers took part and imparted their services. With Guru’s blessings the pool of nectar became God’s own place, where everyone must take dip in it to have spiritual blessings. Guru’s shelter hut at the site later built and became Guru Mahal. Harmindar sahib was built in the middle of the pool after that.

Places in the complex to see

Akal Takht- means Time-less seat of almighty, the highest temporal seat of Sikhism, it was founded by 6th Guru Har Gobindji in year 1609 CE. Traditionally the priest recites evening prayer, Rehras Sahib and Ardas with naked sword in hand. Akal Takht is the supreme authority of Sikhism.

Akal Takht

Ramgarhia Bunga– Ramgarhia is a sect in Sikhism, Bunga is the living quarters. Out of 99 Bungas built by army Generals, one was built by Ramgharias. Out of 22 watch towers originally there now only 2 survive near Ramgarhia Bunga.

Ramgarhia Bunga

Other places in Golden temple-

Dukh Bjanjan Beri

Langar hall, Manji Sahib, Bunga Baba Deep singh ji, Gurudwara Lacchi Ber, Darshni Deori, Dukh Bjanjan Beri, Ath Sath Tirath, Thara Sahib Gurudwara are few of the places within the campus.

Manji Sahib

How to reach

Air- Amritsar has an airport with daily flights from Delhi and other cities.
Rail– It is well connected through trains to all major cities of India

Road– The luxury buses and normal buses are available from Delhi and other places


Visiting norms

There is no social, religious and gender discrimination for anyone to enter any Gurudwara in the world, same here in Harmindar sahib too. However, following norms have to be kept in mind before you enter the premises.

  • Keep your head covered
  • Leave your shoes out of the premises and wash your feet in the pool provided for this purpose.
  • Wear full clothes
  • Sit on the floor with peaceful deference when listening to Gurubani
  • At langar take utensils and wait for your turn sitting in queue, after eating go in wash area and clean the utensils yourself.
  • Never enter the premises when under influence of drug, liquor. And don’t smoke in there.