Singapore-One of the best tourist cities of Asia

Visit Singapore-One of the best tourist cities of Asia

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 General Information


Heart of the South-East Asia and lying at the center of the all the beautiful places, Singapore gives you a perfect location to start your journey from. It is also called Republic of Singapore, an island country or a modern city-state, whatever one would like to term it as. This place attained independence on 9th August, 1965. It consists of 63 islands consisting of the main island called Singapore Island. Around 10% of the Singapore land has been reserved for natural parks or reserves.

 Why to visit

  • This place stands as the 5th most visited cities as per the international statistics. It has the perfect harmony between the old and the new, visible as the variance in the modern skyscrapers and old buildings in Chinatown. The historical buildings like the Old Parliament house, Dalhousie Obelisk, National Museum, Kranji war memorial, etc. revives the past.


Kranji war memorial

  • The city boasts of a safe and clean environment with no racial tensions, no civil unrest and low crime rate. Singapore has its specific aesthetic value which has both the tropical wilderness and nature oriented attraction. With around 500 species of fauna, tons of monkey and the remnants of Singapore’s old grown forest in Central catchment Nature Reserve.
  • Also, for the cruise lovers, it is a fortunate incident that it offers ferry services from the source as Singapore to the Tanjung Belungkor, Malaysia ad Riau Islands in Indonesia. It also has the 3rd largest cruise in the world.
  • The artwork display at the Ritz Carlton hotel is worth the watch. The Art Science museum and the Gillman Barracks, a contemporary art space that has been transformed from the cantonment base is an exquisite piece of art display. Then comes the former Supreme Court building and the City Hall, whose walls roar the history themselves.


Tourist attraction Singapore

  • But what if you have just 24 hours, the place you can devote all your time to, is Chinatown Heritage Centre. You would have things to learn about how the Chinese people were an immigrant and how they lived their life off. 

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Activities to do

  • When it comes to activities, the first thing to strike is the shopping. From the niche comfort boutiques to the street markets, encircling all the main brands over here, you will definitely fill your bags. One may also get the Singapore souvenirs over here.
  • One of the events worth watching is the Chingay Parade where the traditions of China, Malaysia, India are shown vividly, building a harmonious relation with the Asian countries. It also has the best Chinese year celebration with pomp.
  • This place offers the finger-licking food which has the best hybrid cuisine offered. The recent trend of the weekend brunch has taken the toll of the city served from the Australian style cafes to the top notch hotels. Then comes the drinking options, where the city has options of bars open all nights. 

How to reach/Accommodation

There are several ways by which one can reach Singapore. Via air, one can go to Changi airport that is one of the best connected airports and acts as a connecting hub for many of the international aviation. As it stands distinct as the connecting medium in the Southeast Asia, all the major airlines have this as a point to aboard. In case of train, Singapore is connected to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and Johor Bahru through the rails. The key railway station at which the train arrives or departs, Tanjong Pagar MRT station. There are regular bus services throughout the day and night and Singapore has chiefly two causeways, one that connects to the Asia mainland and thither to Malaysia.

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Singapore, no matter how away it might be, it holds the heart of Asia.

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