Seven tips to Save Money on Holiday Travel

7 Easy Tips to Save Money on Holiday Travel

There is never an end to expenses when you are traveling and vacationing together. Everything around seems so tempting and you probably want to indulge in everything that excites you. But traveling during holidays will probably hit your pockets harder. So how are you going to have fun without having to spend through your nose? Well, there is no rule of thumb that can be brought to use here, but you can certainly make use of some tips mentioned below for maximum to save money on holiday travel!

Advance bookings by using loyalty points

Understand that Airlines will shoot-up their prices during the holiday season because this is the time they can make huge earnings; as the travelers are ready to pay anything. You, as a traveler can save a lot if you book your tickets 2-4 months in advance, when the fares are normal.

You can make use of all the loyalty points that you may have earned till then, which will cut down on the price even more and save money on holiday travel  !

Travel to nearby places

If you don’t have a specific requirement and you are still pondering over where you can go for your next vacation, then choose a place that is not too far away from your home. You can travel by road and save a lot of money on air travel. If you opt for this, you even have the luxury to stretch your vacationing day.

Opt for rental apartments over luxury hotels

Holiday season means expensive accommodations and meals. If you choose to rent apartment, you get to cook and do your laundry all by yourself. There is definitely a huge scope for saving your money here.

Tto save money on holiday travel take rental apartments

Look for coupons or cheaper packages

Nowadays, travel companies are coming up with amazing and pocket friendly deals/ packages. Try to find a combo-package which may include traveling, accommodation, meals and sight-seeing, all together. This will have a great impact on your complete travel experience too.

r cheaper holiday packages

Use Public Transportation

Renting a car will be lot more expensive than using public transportation, especially during holiday season. There might be a little inconvenience, but it will be definitely wise for your pockets.

Public Transportation

Carry only essential items

If you are traveling by air, then you got to remember that you can carry only about 15-20 kg per person. If you are traveling by road, then you need to consider the space that will be occupied by your luggage. Taking these things into consideration, you should make a list of things that you can’t do without and have to carry along for your vacation. Keep in mind that you will always have the option to buy things in the local market of your holiday destination.

Carry only essential items in holidays

Use your smart phones for various things

There are many apps that can help you with different things when you are out of your hometown. For example, it can guide you with routes, tell you about cheapest restaurants and stores, etc.

smart phones

Like said before, there is no specific rule to save money while on vacation but the above tips will surely make your holiday travel affordable.