Travel to religious destination Dwarka in Gujarat

Famous for being related to Lord Krishna, Dwarka is located on the far western end of Kathiawar peninsula, where the River Gomti merges into Arabian Sea. Dwarka is one of the Saptapuri city, the seven most sacred cities for Hindus from the ancient times. Also it is one of the ‘char dhams’ out of four pilgrims earmarked for all Hindus to visit once at least in their lifetime. Dwarka, one of the top religious destinations of India, attracts great number of Hindu devotees from all over the country and abroad.



Lord Krishna left Mathura to build his new capital in Dwarka, a golden city that has reference in old epics and mythology. He is said to have reclaimed 96 square kilometer of land from the sea to build his city ‘Kaushathali’ that later became Dwarka in his regime. A landmark temple Dwarkadheesh temple was built 2500 years back. It was destroyed by invader Mahmud Begada rulers, later in 16th century it was rebuilt. The city was submerged in the sea, as myth goes that synced with Lord Krishna’s demise. The city was excavated from the sea and land around in 1963 by ASI.

How to reach

By air- Nearby Airports are Jamnagar 45 km and Porbandar 100 km. One can also reach Ahemdabad by air and then travel to Dwarka via train or road.


By train- Dwarka is well connected to different parts of the country by railway network.

By Road – Private cars, luxury buses and public transport are available to reach Dwarka. The road network is amazing here.

Places to see

Dwarkadheesh Temple/ Jagat Mandir

Dwarkadheesh Temple

Holy city of Dwarka is known for Dwarkadheesh temple, an ancient Krishna temple. Temple’s premises   has Dwarka Peeth (religious center) too, established by Adi Shankaracharya. Traditionally built, the temple has 60 columns and five floors. The temple’s spire is at the height of 78 meter (256 ft), with large flag of sun and moon signs atop. Splendidly carved and sculpted from the base to the top in sand stone by famous artisans of the area, in that era. Its exterior walls have elaborate carvings, that’s appreciable and worth seeing. A great festival of Krishna’s birthday Janmashtami attracts great numbers of devotees. Navratri is also the time for celebration here.

Rukmini Devi temple

Rukmini Devi temple

A richly carved temple said to be 2500 years old, but it was rebuilt in 12th century. Made up of sand stone this temple is dedicated to Rukmini who was Krishna’s queen. The sculpting and carving of God’s & Goddess’s, men and elephants on exteriors is a visual delight.

 Gomti Ghat

Gomti Ghat

There are other small temples on Gomti river ghats, dedicated to Samundra Narayan (sea God), Saraswati and Lakshmi. Ghat has steps leading to the river, here people take dip and wash away their sins. An important temple there is Chakra Narayan temple. A Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu is carved on the temple, as God’s own manifestation. A temple of Goddess Gomti river is also there to be seen.

Bet Dwarka

Bet Dwarka

34 km away from Dwarka an island Bet Dwarka is located, an old port in ancient history was the place Krishna used to live with his family. A temple of sect of Guru Vallabhacharya is here, where rice is offered by devotees. Other temple Vishnu’s incarnation Matsya is important besides many shrines dedicated to several deities.

Other attractions

There is one Okhla port island 30 km away which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who killed a demon. Also a lighthouse located at the edge of peninsula, with a breath taking view of the city of Dwarka.

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