Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand; The Little Kashmir of India!!

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand; The Little Kashmir of India!!

Pithoragarh would not really ring any bells in your mind if I am not too wrong, isn’t it? Just to give you a brief insight about this wonderful and picturesque locate, Pithoragarh is a small city located in the Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand in India and was curved out of the famous Almora in the year 1960.

Located at an high altitude of over 1650 meters above the sea level, Pithoragarh is studded with natural beauty and thus also known as the little Kashmir of India.

Why should you visit Pithoragarh?

Reasons are plenty to visit the lovely city of Pithoragarh while some of the important reasons include:

  1. Historical significance: Being one of the major centers of power for the Chand Kingdom of Kumaon, it beholds some of the significant sites of importance.
  2. Starting point for religious spots: Due to its location, Pithoragarh is also the starting point for the tourists who start off on a religious journey to Kailash and Mansarovar.
  3. Excellent natural beauty: With the amazing height this city is located at and the surroundings, Pithoragarh is a perfect abode for those who are in love with nature especially mountains.


Best time to visit Pithoragarh

The summers are cool and pleasant in here whereas the winters are chilly; the best time to visit Pithoragarh is from April to the month of November when the weather is just perfect for visit and relaxations.

How to reach Pithoragarh?

By Flight: Naini Saini is the nearest airport to the locale which is about 5 kilometers away from the city; however it is not in working condition as of now.

By Train: Train facility is available to this place where the last station is Tanakpur which is at an approximate distance of 151 kilometers from the main city.

By Road: Road travel is best to the city of Pithoragarh as this place is well connected with all the major nearby towns in the location. This lovely destination is only at a distance of 75 kilometer from the major town of Champawat, about 135 kilometers away from Munsyari, 62 kilometers approx from Lohaghat and about 151 kilometers away from Tanakpur, but all well connected via roadways.

Major attractions in Pithoragarh

1. Pithoragarh Fort:

Pithoragarh Fort

Built in the 18th Century by the Gorkhas, this is one of the magnificent architectural wonder present in this city where today the government offices are housed but are open for public view as well.

2. Thal Kedar:

Thal Kedar

Located about 20 kms from the city of Pithoragarh is one of the famous and ancient temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva where apart from religious purposes one can visit just to marvel at the natural beauty all around too!

3. Kapileswar Mahadev temple:

Kapileswar Mahadev temple Pithoragarh

Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva nestled at the outskirts of the city is the Kapileswar Mahadev temple which is a cave temple of sorts and showcases an amazing Himalayan and Sor Valley view.

4. Dhwaj Temple:

Dhwaj Temple Pithoragarh

Dhwaj Temple can be trekked to or can be reached via bus route from the city, this temple again is dedicated to Lord Shiva along with Goddess Jayanti where from the scenic view of the hills and the underlying valley are worth a lifetime!

5. Askot:

Askot Pithoragarh

Deriving its name from Asi-Kot meaning 80 forts, Askot is actually an ancient kingdom of the Katyuri dynasty and people can still view the remnants of the forts in there. The other interest lies in the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary where musk deer apart from other species of animals, flora and fauna reside.

Top activities to try out in Pithoragarh

1. Adventure activities:

In case you are an adventure freak, this city will satiate all in you. With an amazing array of camp and private operators, they will make sure that you get the best of camping, trekking, rock climbing, hang gliding, canoeing, fishing, river rafting and paragliding escapades that might have ever thought of!

2. For the wildlife and nature lover:

Filled with scenic beauty and dense forests all around the region, view of animals and various flora, fauna and birds should not be too difficult, right?

Do visit this natural treasure and find combination of serenity and adventure at one place!