Namik- Ramganga Valley, The Land of Glaciers

Namik- Ramganga Valley, Uttarakhand- The Land of Glaciers

Namik is a fantastic place to be at during summers. This village also homes a glacier by the same name, Namik glacier and it is as beautiful as you have seen in the pictures. This village is situated in Uttarakhand’s Pittorgarh district. Another reason to visit this place is that River Ramganga originates from the Namik, and to be able to witness the source of any river is in itself a great opportunity.

Namik- Ramganga Valley

Why should you visit Namik glacier?

1. If you love camping

Namik offers you all the reasons for camping- snow clad mountains, glaciers, river, and trees. You will not want to miss out this fun.

2. If you are looking for a non-crowded tourist destination

Namik glacier is a perfect place to be at- away from crowd, pollution, and all the unwanted jazz that you have to face in your routine life.

Namik glacier

Best time to visit Namik glacier

March, April, May, June, September and October are the best months to visit Namik.

How to reach Namik?

By Road

From Delhi you can go by car via Gaziabad, Moradabad and Kathgodam while from Dehradun, its nearly 3 hours cab drive to Namik.

By Train

You can take the overnight train from Old Delhi railway station that reaches Kathgodam the next morning. And from there, you can hire jeeps to reach the Ramganga Valley.

Places to visit near Namik

1. Maheshwari Kund

The Maheshwari Kund is also called as the Mehsar Kund by the local people. It is a lake which is surrounded by very pretty rhododendron shrubs. From here, you can get a clear-cut view of Panchchuli Peak.

Maheshwari Kund

2. Kalamuni Top

Kalamuni Top is at an enormous height of 9,500 ft. Tourists come at this hilltop to visit an old Kali temple, and also to enjoy a wonderful view of Panchchuli mountain range.

Kalamuni Top

3. Kalamuni Temple

The Kalamuni Temple is located very near to the Kalamuni Pass. This temple is devoted to the Naga god. The location of this temple is extremely beautiful as it is surrounded by breathtaking pine forests.

Kalamuni Temple

Major attractions and activities in Namik

1. Mountain Biking

Bicycle riding on exciting mountain trails, among the rocks, and most importantly in a pollution free environment. If this is not exciting, then what is?

2. Fishing

Have you ever tried fishing in a fresh river waters flowing right from the glacier? Make the most of your trip by doing it here in Namik.

3. Trekking

If you choose the right professionals, you will be able to trek in a beautiful Kumaon region. Opt for a 3-4 day camp so that you can enjoy a bit more and that too luxuriously.

Trekking Namik glacier

4. Kayaking

This is one amazing activity that you should definitely try out. You get to travel down the river using a single seater ‘kayak’, rowing all by yourself.

5. Sulphur springs and waterfalls

The Namik glacier is famous for beautiful waterfalls and Sulphur springs. There are many of these here, so all you have to do is reach Namik!

If you have enough time in hand, then you may also try some other activities like caving, angling, flying fox, bird watching, wildlife, and many more at the awesome summer destination, Namik glacier, Uttrakhand.