Explore the Unseen Fauna at Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

Explore the unseen fauna at Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary the name in itself spells wilderness to the extent and truly so due to the very fact that it is by far one of the most visited, popular and impressive Wild Life Sanctuary in the entire Southern part of India.

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary is a must visit in case you are looking to traverse the length and breadth of Southern India terrain where this is exactly situated between the states of Karnataka and Kerala. A visitor’s paradise if  you are looking forward to natural bounty of the nation where this 321 square meter sanctuary is laden with waterfalls, hills, deep valleys, streams and marshes all over.

History associated with Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

The Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary and National Park was established in the year 1940 and is since then the first of the wildlife sanctuary on the entire southern Indian terrain. Started off as a mere 60 square kilometre stretch of land it got expanded to 295 square kilometres in the year 1956 and then again got the chance of expansion to its present space of 321 square kilometres as it is today.

Why visit Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary?

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary is a continuation of the Karnataka state’s Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary and is conserved by the Wild Life Department of India. In case you are thinking of what special this place would offer, in terms of flora and fauna, you would be amazed to know that this region is known to house various primitive species along with endangered animals and plants galore. Thus, the chances of seeing endangered species are more appealing than anything else.

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary
Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

Main attractions at Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

While at the Wild Life Sanctuary, Mudumalai, there are immense numbers of things that you as a tourist can experience in the long run. Some of the tourist attractions at Mudumalai are discussed below.

Sight- seeing galore! :

Mudumalai being the continuation of the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, it has all the features of nature intact with proper care and in their natural habitat. Thus, sightseeing of animals, birds and so many more species is what you can truly expect.

Bison Valley View Point:

In case you would want to boast of being a lucky one who has seen bison’s grazing in front of your eyes in their natural habitat, this is totally possible in here. Mudumalai’s Bison Valley View Point gives you the chance to take a sneak peek into the bison’s grazing ground at their natural habitat.

Bison Valley View Point
Bison Valley View Point

The Forest Safari:

Safaris are best experienced in Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary where the forest safari they have on offer is unique where you get to take elephant rides or four wheeler jeep rides to explore the wilderness of nature at its best.

The Forest Safari Mudumalai
The Forest Safari Mudumalai

Bird Watching:

In case you are a bird lover and love to experience the natural view of flying birds all around, Mudumalai offers just that and a lot more. The surrounding regions in Madumalai are laden with rich fauna and flora where it attracts a huge bunch of migratory and varied species of birds all over. In here you should not be amazed if you find the likes of Oriental Hobby, Bulbuls, Indian Swiftlets and Malabar Larks among plenty more.

Bird Watching Mudumalai
Bird Watching Mudumalai

Main activities at Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

Madumalai’s major attractions lies in their immense collection of nature at its best, be it the rare species that this wild life sanctuary has to offer to the birds that flock to this region almost all over the year. Whilst the major attractions to behold in this place is the safari, one of the must do in here is the main road safari where you can easily find rare species of animals crossing the road ahead while you are moving in a jeep on the road.

Short note on cuisine

Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary being located just at the juncture of two south Indian states of India, and a very famous and opted for sanctuaries, there are numerous number of resorts as well as hotels to stay in while you plan your visit in the region. The usual food that you might find is the native South Indian cuisine along with other North Indian and Chinese variations to satiate the taste buds of the visitors from outside the state.

Best months to visit the Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

 Whilst this lovely wild life sanctuary in Madumalai is a must visit and is open almost throughout the entire year, it is closed from the months of June to August and might be closed during the months of April and May due to the fact that the Forest Department of India personnel tries to fight forest fire woes.

How to reach Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

By Air:

Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary is located at a distance of 164 kilometres from the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu which has its own airport facilities.

By Train:

The sanctuary is also well connected via rail where the nearest of the railway station is located at Mysore which is just 90 kilometres away. From there, taking a cab or bus serves the purpose.

By Road:

Extremely well connected with the roadways from all around the states in South India, bus facilities and cars can commute with ease to the wild life sanctuary in case you want to avoid rail travels.

Other important information about Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary

While on your visit to the Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary, it is most important to note the timings and the entry fee associated to it.

  • Morning Visit Timing: 7 AM to 9 AM
  • Evening Visit Timing: 3 PM to 6 PM
  • Fees to enter: Fees for a single person is 15 rupees, with camera (still) is Rs, 25, with Video Cameras is Rs. 150 and the ones availing a jeep safari the cost per person can be something around Rs. 135.