Masinagudi- Incredible Flora and Fauna

Enjoy breathtaking scenic views, exciting wildlife in Masinagudi

Set amidst calm and peaceful surroundings with breathtaking scenic views, Masinagudi is a quiet hill station in the dense forests of Nilgiris in Tamilnadu. Known for its exciting wildlife, Masinagudi is located where three states Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala meet. The pristine air and the beauty of flora and fauna actuates tourism in Masinagudi, the month or season notwithstanding.


Why should visit one Masinagudi?

A spontaneous query loaded with curiosity should fetch perfect reasons that are as below.

  • Masinagudi is located on Mysore-Ooty highway, adjacent to Mudumalai National Park. So plenty of fun around in the realm of flora & Fauna.
  • It’s your perfect getaway, located on hilly landscape of Nilgiri Western Ghats, in the heart of dense forests.

  • Walk, trek and do bird watching opportunities in Masinagudi, but tourists are not allowed to venture on their own in the forest.
  • Masinagudi is a sanctuary with 55 species of mammals, 50 species of fishes, 227 species of birds, and 21 species of amphibian’s and 34 species of reptiles. Out of 15 big cat species in India, 4 species are found in Masinagudi, such as Indian Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Leopard Cat and Jungle Cat.

Masinagudi sanctuary

  • Masinagudi is rich in avionic life too. There are the opportunities to watch birds such as hawk eagle, crested serpent eagle, hornbills, woodpeckers, red crest, mynas, owls, barbets and parakeets.
  • Wildlife around Masinagudi is very rich. The wildlife such as Tigers, elephant, gaur, deer, sambhar, wild boars, Ungulates, flying squirrels and primates like the bonnet macaque and grey langurs. The reptiles such as pythons, spectacled cobras, and other snake’s species inhabit the Park.
  • Overall, its Masinagudi’s rich bio-diversity in the region of forested lands, lush green vegetation and unique wildlife that will certainly amaze you.

Jungle Safari– For watching the animals closely Jungle Safaris are available. Safaris on elephants and vehicles are available through the Forest Department.

How to reach

  • Air- Nearest Airport -Mysore 97kms, Coimbatore 115kms, Calicut 132kms. Book Flight
  • Trains- Nearest Railway Station is Ooty 32 km, Coonoor 57km and Chamrajanagar 75km
  • Road– Gudalur is the nearest town to this Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated on the Udhagamandalam – Mysore highway.

Sites not to miss while in Masinagudi

Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park

One of the foremost vacationer’s charms is Mudumalai National Park which is 15 kms from Mansagudi. The park has been declared a tiger reserve. There are several species of the animals which are endangered or vulnerable such as Asian elephants, bison, and spotted deer, tigers, leopards and many other rare wild animals. Nilgiri reserve across has 44 tigers that are free to roam in a vast buffer zone of the area. It is also the home to 266 species of birds including the endangered black and orange flycatcher. Bio- diversification of flora and fauna is one exciting aspect of Mudumalai. It certainly carries massive fascinating aura around Masinagudi. 

Bandipur National park

Bandipur National park

Just across the border in Karnataka few kilometers away there is Bandipur national park. It is also a significant Project Tiger Reserve that’s highly secured area. It’s safe retreat for wild animals comprising 70 tigers and a large number of Asiatic elephants. Bandipur is a paradise for wildlife lovers. It is also home to over 300 bird species, an exciting option for all the birdwatchers. Animals like elephants, panthers, Jackals, spotted deer, sloth bears, grey langurs and snakes from cobra to the python can be sighted in the park. Tourist are not allowed to wander on their own.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

A famous hilltop, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is also one of the attractions of Masinagudi. A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna stands atop the hilltop. The view from the top is panoramic, and if visitors are in luck, chances of sighting animals are brighter from there.

Nilgiri Tea Plantations:

Nilgiri Tea Plantations

The exciting journey of tea leaves to the final product through different processes in a factory is worth watching. Do visit Nilgiri Tea plantations while in Masinagudi.


Several stay options are available in Masinagudi such as Jungle huts, Jungle retreat, nature camp, Jungle home, Gouri farms, youth hostels, hotel GGT Grand, resorts and high end guest houses.