Florence, Italy an Ideal Romantic Vacation

For an Ideal Romantic Vacation go to Florence, Italy

The city of Florence in Italy is a great place to be in when you are in love. Its air is filled with romance and love and to make the most of it, many newlyweds come here for their post-wedding trip or call it a honeymoon. Some lovers want to make it even more special and so they plan to get married right here in this city. Some married couples are so tempted to revisit their wedding day that they go ahead and renew their vows in a local church. Taking part in a blessing service too is a very common thing for the lovers who come here.

Florence, Italy

Let’s talk about a few romantic things that you can do while you are in Florence.

Art lovers

Couple who love art will appreciate attending concerts and exhibitions that regularly take place in Stazione Leopolda. It was a first ever train station in Florence, which now apparently has become an event center.

Stazione Leopolda Italy

Liberia Café La Cite

Enjoy exhibitions or Tango nights, this place has everything to offer to the lovebirds. The café is perfect to spend an evening at.

Adventure lovers

How about bike riding? If you both are adventurers, you can spend a whole day bike riding on a beautiful stretch of Florence to Tuscan countryside. Take regular breaks at romantic olive groves, hillside villas, medieval castles and vineyards to make your outing more romantic than sporty.

medieval castles  Italy

You can even go for a picnic at Parco delle Cascine which is near the market. Shop till you drop in the market which is open only on Sundays and Tuesdays and head to your destination to relax.

Parco delle Cascine Italy

For lovers looking for something different

Go to Ponte Vecchio Bridge, but don’t forget to buy a set of lock and key before you go there. Once you reach at the bridge, you will find innumerable locks linked together. What you’ve to do is make a wish, link your lock to some other lock and throw the key over the bridge. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, your wish will be heard! Now that’s a cute Italian tradition, isn’t it?

Ponte Vecchio Bridge Italy

Do you wish to taste the finest Tuscan wine? Then you must go to a Florentine wine bar to attend a mid-afternoon wine and cheese tasting event. There, you will also get to learn about the culinary background and history of Italy.

Teatrodella Pergola Italy

Apart from the above mentioned places, couples can go to Teatro della Pergola to spend an evening to watch an opera or a play. Else, you can even go to Bardini Gardens. These are intimate gardens and absolutely gorgeous too. Enjoy breathtaking views once you reach the top of these gardens. Watching sunset while strolling beside Arno River, is yet another romantic experience for couples deeply in love.

Bardini Gardens Italy

These are just few of the ways to enjoy romantic getaway at Florence city in Italy. Given the beauty and attractions of the place, you will find several other ways and opportunities to propose or woo or excite your lover, after all Florence is one of the most romantic places of the world.