Essential tips to remember before visiting Greece

Essential tips to remember before visiting Greece

Greece has always been in the news but if you are planning on visiting then your timing is just perfect. The economic crash means you will be more welcomed and this further means: Budget friendly trips and packages to Greece. If you look hard enough, you will even find humongous plane tickets discounts and advance ferry and cruise booking discount options. Here are some essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to make your holiday experience more memorable:

Accommodate less famous islands in itinerary

Greece is a party of hypnotic Islands so don’t restrict yourself to the mainstream monuments even if you have your entire trip planned out for day by day excursions. If you can, avoid the mainstream party destinations unless you want the hedonistic experience and visit Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, etc. Since Islands are actually among the Greek holiday highlights, you may want to make advance bookings to avoid last minute hassle.

Hellenic Festival

Hellenic Festival Greece

If you are visiting in summer, check for the Athens’ Hellenic festival schedule and don’t forget to enjoy this vast cultural event.

Sites, Ruins and Monasteries

Sites, Ruins and Monasteries Greece

Greece is full of monuments, ruins, temples, museums, tourist sites with cultural and historical significance worth thousands of years and good news is that they are all over the country. So, pick your favorite spot, take a day to explore the Delphi ruins, Meteora, Archaeological museum of Iraklio or Olympia, or the Melissani Cave, Temple of Olympian Zeus and many more of Greek gems.

Archaeological museum of Iraklio Greece

Don’t skip the capital

Lykavittos hill Greece

Athens is home to Acropolis, Psiri, Thissio, Piraeus, Plaka, Metaxourgeio, Monastiraki, etc and all of these a worth a visit for sure. Capital’s view from the Lykavittos hill is something worth cherishing that you must never skip out on unless you can’t manage the time. If you are in a hurry, take the 90 minutes open bus tour and enjoy your rest of the day at the bohemian Exarchia exploring magnificent collections of art. Those who find the nightlife more indulging on holidays will love a visit to Kolonaki, Monastiraki, Gazi, and numerous other areas of Athens.

Kolonaki Greece


Athens is among the primary tourist and commercial destinations of Greece so your budget as well as extravagant or even semi-lavish accommodation requirements will be catered to pretty effectively. Since the market is down, it would be wise if you pay through cash and go for a budget friendly accommodation depending on your preferences. But if you don’t mind the expenses then luxurious hotels are only a few Euros away. Out of Athens, most islands cater to dorms, hostels and hotel accommodation requirements so you can further book rooms or beds as per your trip. This is one of the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece.

Off Season deals

Greece tourism sector has suffered a great deal due to the current economic condition but if you are up for the ultimate budget experience, choose off season and checkout the mainland mountainous region which is particularly cold due to Altitude alpine climate. This also one of the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to save money.

The Moped experience

There is absolutely no way that you travel through Greece without having had the ultimate Motor-pedal experience. The Mopeds, bicycles and scooters are easily available and don’t cost high either so hire a Moped for an hour or for an evening and bask in the Greek sunset glory of crimson rays and darkening sand.

Pay Cash for Solidarity

The Greek crisis has been well documented so you need no introduction to how pumping cash back into the local business will help the people. In fact, now is the time when you’ll probably find the best deals on cash so when hiring accommodation, guide, driver and other important aspects of your trip, show some solidarity with cash payments. Online and credit are helpful too if you can’t manage the cash but keep cash payments as your preferred medium and of course, don’t forget to carry enough hard cash along as there may be certain banking issues given the economic breakdown. These are the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to make your trip budget friendly.


Before getting all set for the trip, check all necessary documentation like Visa as there are often numerous loopholes that you may not have thought of earlier but may affect your trip when you enter Greece. You will need to check about Greece’s regulations and laws on tourism visa based on your country’s stance on Schengen Agreement, participation in the EU as member, etc. You can apply for visa from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy for comprehensive information on travelling to Greece.

Go beyond planes

You can enter Greece through flight (Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport, Nikos Kazantzákis Int’l, etc), low cost carriers, cruise ships (available from Italian, Turkey port cities), roadway (Overland from Italy, Yugoslavia route, etc), railway (Thessaloniki), etc., so don’t limit your options and explore more pleasant alternatives to the traditional airway solution.

railway (Thessaloniki) Greece

Politics, culture and how you should behave

Greece comprises major part of our history so the local pride over the Greek legacy and heritage is only natural. Most of all, remember that Greece is an orthodox Christian country so it is wise that you respect the local culture and beliefs before sharing your own. The trick to a great Greek experience lies in being the perfect spectator. Also, unless you have a healthy background in political knowledge, avoid political discussions and enjoy your trip as a humble visitor.

There are some nude beaches and you can camp just about anywhere but be sure to not provoke authorities’ ire with exaggerated regulations breaking attempts. Besides, keep healthy with ample water since Greek summer get flauntingly hot and humid during peak hours.

Bottom-line is that indulging wisely and exploring less advertised Greek sites will reap you the most beautiful memories.