Essential tips to enjoy the monsoon travel

Essential tips to enjoy the monsoon travel

In case you are a backpacker and love to travel around all through the months, why not utilize the lovely and the magical monsoons? While travelling in monsoons are something that most of you would not be comfortable with, but trust me, it can be real fun especially when you are walking through the lush green laden with mist and scenarios as such!

However much this season might appeal, you need to get extra careful when you travel around due to the simple fact that it is now that the diseases and germs are active and can attack you anytime if you are not that careful!

Thus, some of the essential traveling tips to enjoy the monsoon travel are discussed below.

1. Essential clothing:

Be prepared to get drenched without prior intimation and thus keeping yourself handy with raincoat, umbrella and a waterproof backpack is all that you can do to save yourself during the journey!

2. Medication needs:

Even when you do not travel in monsoons, taking along the basic medicines is a non negotiable affair and the importance is higher given in case you are travelling in the season of diseases, monsoon! Stuff it up with basic medication and you are good to go!

Medication needs for monsoon travel

3. Stay clear of mosquitoes:

Mosquito borne diseases are common in this weather and thus carrying mosquito repellents and nets can save you the bites.

4. Understand the importance of zip bags:

Whether it is your expensive camera, your wallet or your mobile phone, to keep it safe and secure during monsoons are a necessity. Thus always make it a point to keep it zip locked in a bag to avoid any untoward situation.

zip bags

5. Towels and toiletries:

In monsoons whenever you travel, you never know when the rain god are going to make merry! Thus try to keep extra pair of towels to ensure you have a dry one handy and also carry wet and dry wipes too!

6. Clothes:

Pack your bags efficiently keeping the season in mind! Thus carry light and easy dryable clothes such as nylon and synthetic so that even if you get drenched, drying is easy!

7. Carry time-pass objects:

Roads will totally go off hand during the monsoon season and thus chances are that you may get stuck in traffic. Thus keep music or books handy to spare you the horror of boredom.

music and books for travel

8. Food and Water:

Monsoons bring with it a lot of water related diseases and thus carrying your own water and having food from a good restaurant is a complete necessity!

Food and Water

Above tips to enjoy the monsoon travel will make your tour in monsoon season trouble free and enjoyable.