Enjoy the Trip to Macau

The heart beats with all it has for Macau

The two main Administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China are Macau and Hongkong. It lies on the Pearl River Delta’s west coast. The city boasts of being the only city in China, where gambling is legal. This place is an aggregate of temples, shrines, alleys and customs to the worldly pleasures of late night parties and the bar culture.


 Why to visit

  • This place is known for being the biggest gambling center in the world, leaving behind even the Las Vegas. It has compelled a multitude number of businessmen to start their gambling center over here. Rightly termed as the Casino’s mega sprawl.
  • It has a calm weather with a maximum temperature of 30°C and the lowest temperature of 14°C making it an ideal place to visit in any season. You can walk in the yearlong pleasant weather.

Macau has the world’s largest rooftop wave pool at the 2200 room Galaxy Macau Resort.  

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It also has an entire Macanese peninsula lane dedicated to the 25 world heritage sites that is every bit worth watching.
It has the Taipa village that has rows of Chinese/Portuguese restaurants and shops. Senado Square is again small town in Macau that has on the display the rustic Portuguese culture on its streets.

Another stupendous attraction is the Macau tower that has observation desk revolving restaurants and a cinema.


Macau tower
Take out time for Museums of Macau which will offer you immense pleasure and knowledge.


Activities to do

  • One thing you simply cannot miss in Macau is gambling. These hotels too should be on your not-to-miss list, that is,Wynn Hotel, Hard Rock Macau Hotel, Sands hotel, etc.. These hotels secure their own place in the gambling world.
  • There are many places which, along with gambling do offer many kinds of adventure sport or sporting events. It also has the world’s highest Bungee jump from 233 meters above ground bye Kiwi Bungee pioneer, Hackett.

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  • It is true that in order to truly have real pleasures in a place, one should be a part of it. In the same order, to feel and really visit Macau one should dine like a local. For it, drag that plastic stool from the archway of that local hotels or street shops of Macau. The food will have its own essence this way.
  • After you have filled your stomach, you can go for hiking to the highest mountain around that is known for inhabiting the monumental statue of the goddess widely prayed over here, A-ma Goddess.


A-ma Goddess Macau


How to reach/Accomodation

This is an accessible and easy to reach destination which is one of the reason of it being such a  popular tourist destination. The city is situated on the east side of the Taipa Island. Its International Airport has convenient transfers through the air and the ferry services. It is a ride of  15 minutes from the airport to the ferry terminal and 20 minutes to take to Barrier Gate, which connects the entire city. Also, there are 3 ferry terminals in Macau, they Macau Inner Harbor Ferry Terminal,Macau Marine Ferry terminal and Taipa Termporary Ferry terminal.  

The city is vividly connected from one part to other parts of the city through public transport options, taxis, and trishaw in which buses have the monopoly.  

The rooms are available in 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars in luxury and budget range. Mostly all the hotels keep an option of gamble and sport zones.  

It isn’t a place to see and begone, it stands as a representation of the rustic cultural display and having adventures at the same time.