Dalhousie and Khajjiar – Unforgettable Hilly Destinations

Dalhousie and Khajjiar- unforgettable hilly destinations

 Dalhousie- Old world charm

 High up there on Dhauladhar mountains in Western Himanchal Pradesh’s Chamba district, Dalhousie is a splendid and nonchalant hill station, complete with its old English Raj time memories. Built on five hills Kathlog, Tehra, Patreyn, Bakrota and Balun, the town is spread over 14 sq. km area and situated at a height of 2036 m (6680 ft.).  Dalhousie has a perfect concoction of a perfect hill station, walk on the Mall road, view of snow clad mountains, deodar, oak and pine trees, flowing streams and river, pleasant weather and ambience.

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The place is named after the British Governor General of the 19th century, Lord Dalhousie. Dalhousie town takes all back into colonial days with its antique buildings, visually aesthetic churches and avenues, reminding of the bygone era. The river Ravi flows below Dalhousie in the valley, providing picturesque scenes and on the backdrop majestic Himalayan peaks can be sighted.


How to reach

 Air– Gaggal airport in Kangra is the nearest domestic airport at 106km from the town.

Railway– Nearest railway station is Chakkiband rail head, Pathankot (80 km). It gets regular rail services from several major cities like Delhi, Jammu, Ahamdabad, Jaipur, etc. Thereafter, one can hire cab to reach Dalhousie from railway station.

 Road– HP State bus services connect the towns in and around Dalhousie. Tourists can also opt for taxis and luxury buses.


Places to see

  • CHURCHES – There are four magnificent churches in Dalhousie, reminder of old English days. These are St. Francis church at Subhash Chowk, John’s Church at Gandhi Chowk, St. Andrew’s Church and St. Patrick’s Church at Balun.
  • SUBHASH BAOLI- A scenic and captivating spot overlooking snow-capped mountains and surrounded by magnificent trees located 1 km away from Dalhousie, here in 1937 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose used to spend his days here envisioning and meditating.


  • PANCHPULA- This is a scenic spot just 3 km from GPO Dalhousie. Panchpula stream is exquisite attraction and it’s the source of water supply to this town. On its way there is another stream Satdhara stream, this is considered Kalatop wildlife sanctuary to have medicinal properties. An elegant monument of a freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh is built there in Panchpula.


  • Kalatop wildlife sanctuary-This wild life sanctuary is 10 km from Dalhousie and spread over to 1962 Hectares area. River Ravi is its main source of water to upkeep its flora and fauna. The sanctuary is home to Himalayan Black bear, Barking goral, Leopards, deer and Langurs etc. Besides dense under bushes, there are trees such as Deodar, pine, oak etc.

Kalatop wildlife sanctuary

  • From Dalhousie, one can travel to Khajjiar for more panoramic view of mountains and natural beauty.

Khajjiar – India’s own Switzerland

In the foothills of Dhauladhar range of western Himalayas Khajjiar is perched atop a small plateau, at an altitude of 1960m (6430 ft.). Amazing plateau is 5 km in circumference, with deodar jungle on its slopes and a stream fed lake in the middle.  Khajjiar is famous as Switzerland of India, because of its meadows and scenic views.


 Access to Khajjiar- Khajjiar is 21 km from Dalhousie and 22 km from Chamba. It is 586 km from Delhi.

Air– Gaggal airport in Kangra is at a distance of 116 km.

Railway– The closest railhead is at Pathankot, 102 km. Taxis and buses are available from all these places.

Road– The place is well connected by state transport service to all Delhi, Pathankot and all HP places. In addition, one can opt for private or shared cabs to roam around.

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Places to see

At Khajjiar there is a 12th century temple Khajji Nag, dedicated to Pandav brothers, their wooden images are installed there.

  • Golf course- A huge golf course can be visited and the games can be played there too. Walk on lush green meadows nearby which is compared to Switzerland.

Golf course Khajjiar

  • Lake- A lake created by depressions and stream water is a lovely place to be in. One can spend whole day here as green meadows around here are the biggest scenic attraction.

 Lake Khajjiar

Best months to visit:  Summer months are best for these places as they offer cool and pleasant weather while winters are extremely chilly.

SHOPPING in Dalhousie and Khajjiar: Tibetan handicrafts including pullovers and carpets available. In Chamba Slippers, ‘Rumals’ and Shawls are worth buying.

Accomodation– both low budget as well as luxury hotels are available in Dalhousie and Khajjiar.

Come summer and head to both  Khajjiar and Dalhousie for some cool vacation!