Enjoy Picturesque Nature and Secluded Coves at Folégandros

Hitch a ferry to Folégandros for a quaint and fairy tale escape

Home to a magnificently gorgeous main town and still unspoiled by the reach of corporate hotel chains, Folégandros is Greek’s sweet little charming spot. With picturesque houses and even more picturesque nature (some thrilling cliffs!) and secluded coves, this small Greek Island is everything a dreamer could ask for and certainly among Europe’s upcoming destinations.

Folegandros Greek

Getting there

Although fantastic and definitely worth the trouble, Folégandros is actually very remote and quite hard to get to (one of the reason why it is still so unblemished). Located in the South Cyclades, there is a paved road that connects its three villages. To get to Folégandros, you will need to board a ferry or boat from Santorini, Piraeus, Rafina.

Santorini Cyclades Greek


Why settle for a bite when you can enjoy the whole pie? If you can manage the time (given the current Greek economy, budget won’t be an issue), visiting Cyclades and including Folégandros in your trip will be a wiser idea.

Avoiding the ruckus

Cyclades is usually visited the most from Easter to mid-September with July-August being the peak seasons. Peak means not only busy but also expensive so you can choose May-June and other off season months to get there. Nevertheless, keep an eye out on ferry availability beforehand because off seasons means closing of some hotels.

Extravagant accommodation within budget

How would you like your stay at some marvelous 19th-century stone houses atop a hillside spanning a beautiful view of the Chora? There aren’t really hotels but available accommodation is homely, secluded with stylish interiors and beamed ceilings making your stay even more regal. Anemi would be a great choice if you don’t mind the view of the port and would like easily accessible contemporary Cycladic cuisine. 

Explore the villages

Hora, among traditional medieval towns of Cyclades has a beautiful wall composed of buildings. One of the most romantic places, Hora appears purely poetic. The village castle of Kastro is a must visit for anyone enjoying the island. Another seaside beauty worth visiting at the Island is Karavostassis that’s only 3km southeast from Hora. Your next stop at the island should be Ano Merià where cultivated fields and dry stoned walls will enchant you. Home to the eclectic Ecological and Folklore Museum, Ano Merià is a rural incorruptible delight for anyone looking for a sober escape.

Hora Cyclades Greek

Seductive and calm beaches of Folégandros

Festooned by some incredibly quiet beaches, Folegandros is one place that you won’t forget. The beauty and calm of the beaches is worth all the hard work so be prepared to hike all the way to the beaches round the island. But if you are feeling lazy, take a boat…it’s a vacation after all.

Vardia-Livadi beaches are around a kilometer from Karavostasi while Agios Georgios is located in the northeast of Ano Merià and may need you to walk for more than an hour.  If you want to get your adrenaline up then witness the grand cliffs from Hora as the road leading north will take you to the breathtaking cliffs. The Vathi Bay, Angali and Agios Nikolaos beaches are also located nearby.

Agios Nikolaos beaches

Keeping the taste buds delighted

Local taverns serve some of the best Greek foods like Matsata, Greek Salad-Meatballs, courgette croquettes with tzaziki, etc. 

With its grim but eerily attractive history, Folégandros has been on the map for a long time but past few decades has sure made it famous among mainstream travelers. Fortunately, you are in luck because the island is still as unspoiled as it was three decades back and easy on the pocket. So, make your Greek pilgrim to this beautiful island soon if you are in for an exclusive and special holiday.

Why Kotor Should be Next Vacation Stop?

Top reasons why Kotor should be next vacation stop

Touted to be as old as the tales of homer, beauty of the city of Kotor is the stuff of legends. Located by the tip of Boka Kotarska, the city of Kotor has enjoyed vast popularity in historical maps and is widely known for the Old town (Stari Grad), a UNESCO word heritage sight. A prized city of Montenegro and a puzzle full of remnants of medieval forts and fortresses, tourism in Kotor has been on the rise marking it among the best upcoming European tourism cities so if you are craving an exotic holiday, Kotor is the place for you. Here is what you should absolutely do in this beautiful city:

Wander around the walled city

The old town that Kotor is well known for is actually a medieval walled little town in the shape of a triangle. While one side faces the Kotor Bay, the north one faces Skurda River and both are covered by a thick, shield wall. The third wall that is on the east side also has a defensive wall and a total of three entrances to the city are there out of which the western Sea Gate of 1555 is opened as main entrance. The gate on the southern side acts as town triangle’s southern apex. With all its beautiful towering medieval walls, and the ideal location by the Adriatic Sea, the old town is perfect to get lost for a wanderer.

Kotor Bay

Explore the grand architecture

The St Tryphon’s Cathedral of the old walled town has been erect since the 11 century and even when the earthquakes ravaged the structure, its beautiful Romanesque -Gothic architecture has survived. The church is dedicated to Kotor’s patron Saint, St. Tryphon. Religious or not, visiting these grandiose structures will get your heart beat up with appreciation for the craft of construction and design.

Romanesque -Gothic architecture Kotor

Satiate that adrenaline

If you thought Kotor was all about scenic beauty and blue skies then you couldn’t be more wrong!

From rafting to paragliding, this legendary town has everything to exhibit and offer. The Tara Canyon is pretty close to the coastal area so hiring private driver will get you there in short time. Rafting tours at the Tara Canyon are largely famous as the canyon is locally know for its numerous legends and stories that you will sure enjoy from the local generations who have been carrying forward the traditional of storytelling.  If Rafting doesn’t quench your adventure and thrill thirst then how about some paragliding off the imposing but irresistibly beautiful cliffs?

Tara Canyon Kotor

If you exit the north gate of the old walled town, and walk a little further up, you’ll reach a crystal-clear waterfall that may have dried if you are taking a summer holiday. This path will further steer you past mountain goats and all the way to the rocky switchbacks with extremely amazing views of the old fort, the Kotor bay.

old fort Kotor bay

Getting atop the hike will only take about two-three hours so you will reach Krstac once you cross the dense forest. Once there, dine at the wonderful restaurant at Krstac and enjoy your trip all the way back.

Visit the Maritime Museum

The Old Town houses the famous Maritime Museum that will surely interest the curious ones as it a portal to the life that Kotor people once lived. From the glory sailing days to collections of well known Kotor seaman, states man, artists, diplomats, ship builders, crafts man, etc you will find everything about Kotor and its history at this museum. In fact, the baroque palace Grgurin where it is housed is a fascinating piece of architecture itself! From uniforms, navigational instruments to weapons, you will find everything at the museum.

Maritime Museum Kotor

Elegant accommodation that you can actually afford

Even a simple meal at the old town restaurants is made special and unique by the aura of this walled city that appears right out of fantasy films. Savor the taste of the local cuisine and delight your evenings with delicious local Montenegrin wines.  

Italian food and seafood is something Kotor is famous for so you can eat out on a budget, enjoy the authentic wines and pizzas.

Old Town hostel along with youth hostel and numerous other private hostel options are available for those backpacking through Kotor. But if you want a private room, you won’t need to shell more than €10-€15 in and outside the walled town.

So, give your vacation a little Kotor extravaganza and witness a new culture in all its glory at this esteemed ancient Montenegrin town.

Vienna an Upcoming Destination of Europe

Why Vienna considered as upcoming destination of Europe?

Vienna is ideal for couples looking for a romantic experience and for families as well looking to have fun excursions with their near and dear ones. Popularly known as one of the upcoming romantic destinations of Europe, the city boasts of a colorful history and crucial sights of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Your sole challenge being a day-tripper is to decide how you want to explore the city. Either you can choose the slow route, or you can choose the fast route. However, if you are looking to choose Vienna as your getaway, it should be bagged with certain reasons. Therefore, here are some of the best and irresistible reasons for you:

Vienna for history and architecture lovers 

Hofburg Palace Vienna

If you are a history or architecture buff, this place has everything in store for you. There are different historical monuments in the city like the massive Hofburg Palace, which will knock your socks off and leave you spellbound. Not only is it right near some of the most amazing restaurants and Viennese cafes, but also it is known for its uniqueness. You can also choose the Imperial Apartments and the Schatzkammer tour, which holds an exclusive importance in the jewels of the Habsburg dynasty.

Vienna for food lovers

It has its own unique cuisine, although most of the people often treat it as equivalent to Austrian cuisine. Indeed, the cuisine of the city is exclusive in many ways that you will find it enticing. Some of the favorite dishes that tourists must try are Rindsuppe beef soup, Gulasch (a hotpot similar to the Hungarian stew of the same name), Selchfleisch (smoked meat), Wiener Schnitzels (pounded and breaded fried veal), etc. However, for deserts, tourists should try Danish pastry because it originated from Vienna and simply loved by all. Sadly, when you will leave Vienna, one of the things that you will miss shall definitely be the food.

Vienna for Magical Christmas Tour during Winters

Christmas markets Vienna

Vienna is all the rage for its Christmas celebrations. During the snowy winters, the Christmas markets and skiing activities get more popular and attract tourists from around the globe. Being a tourist, you can combine a winter Christmas trip with a musical tour to this city to enjoy the vivid musical scene out there. You can also trace some footpaths of some Vienna composers who have made this historical musical site more popular.

Vienna for a Bike Tour through its Lanes 

Biking allows you to travel longer distances. If you are on bike, you should expect to be getting off the bike for a quick rest and catch a glimpse of magical Vienna around you. A Vienna city tour through biking allows you to see more the city. You get to travel along the streets, and view the ornate churches and cathedrals from a distance.

Vienna for romantic boat rides 

If you are someone who is bored with land travel, then perhaps a boat trip is what your heart craves for. Towards the South, it has the beautiful woods, and the environment is very breathtaking for some quiet and peaceful time. When you travel by a boat, you experience something very mystical that is difficult to put in words. For instance, you will see thermal springs, which you would not be able to catch a glimpse of if you travel by land.

Thermal springs Vienna

Nevertheless, how you wish to travel depends entirely on what are your plans during your vacation in Vienna. If you are planning to cover one or two destinations, then a walking or bike tour is a good option. However, if you are someone who is visiting the city for the first time, then its best that you follow a guided tour, which will help, introduce you well to the city.


Plan a Vacation to Salzburg, Austria

Plan a Vacation to Salzburg Austria for the Love of Music!

Talk about Salzburg Austria and the music lovers will immediately say Mozart because this is the place where the great musician was born! It is very easy to relate Salzburg with art, music and opera! Let’s have a look at a few amazing reasons that make Salzburg Austria as the upcoming destination of Europe.

1. Are you in love with ‘The Sound of Music’?

Yes, this evergreen musical drama was shot here in this beautiful Austrian town. The gardens of the Mirabell Palace home the famous ‘Do Re Mi Fa’ steps from the movie. In the gardens, there is Pegasus fountain too which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg, Austria

2. Once a birthplace of Mozart is now a museum!

The museum is in Getreidegasse. The place will offer you some interesting information on the life of Mozart who was born there in 1756.

You may even spend some time to relax and get a feel of the place in the garden café there.

3. Beer Garden

Augustiner Bräustübl is the best beer garden you will ever come across. Here you will get the best of the beers and the foods. The place is located in Mülln. A simple cab ride will take you to this destination.

Augustiner Bräustübl Beer Garden Salzburg Austria

4. Baroque Architecture

Churches, cathedrals and palaces- there are so many monuments here that have been built in the baroque style. The intricate work leaves you awestruck whenever you see it. The best of the baroque work can be seen in the Trinity Church in Makartplatz.

Trinity Church in Makartplatz Salzburg, Austria

5. Hohensalzburg Fortress

Walk up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the largest preserved citadel in Central Europe, located at the top of the hill. The castle is indeed the most famous landmark of the city.

Hohensalzburg Fortress Salzburg, Austria

6. Culinary Variety

People who love food and music both with equal passion should make it a point to visit Salzburg at least once in their lifetime. St Peter Stiftskeller is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe that serves amazing food along with Mozart dinner concerts.

Via Culinaria is another wonder in the world of food, but with a contemporary touch. You can devour on cheese cuisines, fish cuisines and the list is endless.

7. Only for the love for Mozart

If this is the only reason you wish to go to Salzburg, then make sure you plan a trip around the last ten days of January. From the 22nd of January to the 31st of January 2016, you will get to soak into the classical Mozart Week. World famous orchestras and conductors will pay tribute to this legendary musician.

classical Mozart Week Salzburg, Austria

8. Salzburg Cathedral

This is the place where Mozart was baptized. Make sure you do not miss going there, if you wish to take along a great memory back home.

9. Opera performances

More than 200 opera performances take place every year around August and September. If attending opera in Salzburg is one of your priorities then make it a point to plan in advance.

For jazz performances, the ideal time to visit is October and November.

Nevertheless, it is advised that you get complete information well before you book your tickets to Salzburg.

Salzburg holds a very important part in the history of art and culture. The place has some breathtaking views to make your journey long lasting in your memories. You should definitely plan a visit to this upcoming destination in Europe.

Coimbra, Portugal Europe’s Upcoming Tourism Destination

Vacation spot hunting? How about the student’s city: Coimbra, Portugal?

Among Europe’s top upcoming tourism destinations, Coimbra (Portugal) is the place to be. Romantics would probably identity this urban Portuguese city as the abode of Fonte das Lágrimas but Coimbra has so much more to offer. With plenty of archaeological sites and architectural structures, it is the city that will quench your desire for the prefect holiday with its majestic structures spinning centuries’ worth of history blended with urban luxury. Coimbra is the city that parties with the ideal European elegance so here’s why it should be on top of your list of must visit cities:

Iconic local music: Coimbra Fado

Fado ao Centro Coimbra, Portugal


Fado music is Portugal’s local nostalgic songs accompanied by the harmonic beats of the guitar. Coimbra’s tradition of Fado differs from that of Lisbon in the way that singers here cough to clear their throat instead of clapping their hands like they do in Lisbon. In fact, Coimbra has its own genre and style of Fado that is best enjoyed in all authenticity at the city’s top music schools. Visit the Fado ao Centro for the ideal experience.

Wanderer’s gold

City’s central part is one of the most charming places to get lost in.  The architectural structures will keep you going through the centre and even though, the city is fairly small, it is captivating with rich history and numerous Museums that sing the tales of centuries gone by.

Appreciating art and history

Machado de Castro National Museum Coimbra, Portugal


The famed Machado de Castro National Museum of Coimbra received its name from the well known Portuguese Sculptor Joaquim Machado De Castro and is visited by numerous tourists and local travelers every day. Its collections of Paintings, Archaeology, Applied arts, etc is truly vibrant and would delight your aesthetic senses even if you are not passionate about art.

Appreciate the classic Gothic structures

Gothic architecture Coimbra, Portugal


Regardless of the bleak reputation that the term Gothic has found itself associated with in modern culture, Gothic architecture always meant elaborate yet practical designs with breathtaking visuals. The Old Cathedral of Coimbra is one of the greatest examples of Gothic structure with Roman church like visuals. Its medieval fortress like appearance will sure woo your taste.

Splurge in food and wine

A number of other European and local restaurants with wide variety of wine serve some of the most delectable food you will ever feast upon. This Portuguese city is also famous for Bairrada wine and if you are in mood for some wine exploration then nearby regions will sure satiate your curiosity for local, high quality wine. Another must have drink is the Licor Beirao which is a local sweet liquor largely famous for its authentic taste that is unique to Coimbra. The city also sells a large variety of firewater called the Agua Ardente and one of the type available is made from fresh, plump grapes while another one comprises tastes and tints of numerous fruits.

Coimbra Library

Coimbra University


Walk all the way up to the grand Biblioteca Joanina – Universidade de Coimbra, the majestic university of the city that’s actually famous as the town of students. The university structures appear surreal with their amazing towering architectural designs and are sure worth a walk. The barren courtyard looks its best in early winter months and compared to modern university campuses, a walk through the famed Coimbra University will make you appreciate the luxury of design and perspective so much more.

Walk the Ponte Pedro e Ines

Very well and strategically constructed, walking the Ponte Pedro E Ines will get you to the Parque Verde Do Mondego from both access points so enjoy a nice, fresh, hearty walk and breathe in the Portuguese air.

Cherish the journey

The city is so very well connected as tourists can hire private cabs from Lisbon or Porto to get to Coimbra. Boarding a train to the city from Porto and Lisbon or flying to Portela Airport or Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport will also be fruitful. Since the city is built around numerous medieval structures, the infrastructure serves those walking short distances better so travelers can actually walk the entire city as it is pretty small and always blessed with pleasant weather.

Coimbra is not just great for its numerous sights but is also easy on budget with several affordable accommodation options and easy to navigate ways that allow travelers to travel without additional transportation costs. Weather is pleasant throughout year but if you are keen catching the best local action then visiting the city for Festa Das Latas and Queima Das Fitas that students from University of Coimbra organize every year.

Festa Das Latas Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra is a fairly populous city in Portugal but it is still unspoiled as tourists often flock to the conventional spots so make the most of available exclusivity and enjoy the untouched beauty of this students’ city.