Essential tips to enjoy the monsoon travel

Essential tips to enjoy the monsoon travel

In case you are a backpacker and love to travel around all through the months, why not utilize the lovely and the magical monsoons? While travelling in monsoons are something that most of you would not be comfortable with, but trust me, it can be real fun especially when you are walking through the lush green laden with mist and scenarios as such!

However much this season might appeal, you need to get extra careful when you travel around due to the simple fact that it is now that the diseases and germs are active and can attack you anytime if you are not that careful!

Thus, some of the essential traveling tips to enjoy the monsoon travel are discussed below.

1. Essential clothing:

Be prepared to get drenched without prior intimation and thus keeping yourself handy with raincoat, umbrella and a waterproof backpack is all that you can do to save yourself during the journey!

2. Medication needs:

Even when you do not travel in monsoons, taking along the basic medicines is a non negotiable affair and the importance is higher given in case you are travelling in the season of diseases, monsoon! Stuff it up with basic medication and you are good to go!

Medication needs for monsoon travel

3. Stay clear of mosquitoes:

Mosquito borne diseases are common in this weather and thus carrying mosquito repellents and nets can save you the bites.

4. Understand the importance of zip bags:

Whether it is your expensive camera, your wallet or your mobile phone, to keep it safe and secure during monsoons are a necessity. Thus always make it a point to keep it zip locked in a bag to avoid any untoward situation.

zip bags

5. Towels and toiletries:

In monsoons whenever you travel, you never know when the rain god are going to make merry! Thus try to keep extra pair of towels to ensure you have a dry one handy and also carry wet and dry wipes too!

6. Clothes:

Pack your bags efficiently keeping the season in mind! Thus carry light and easy dryable clothes such as nylon and synthetic so that even if you get drenched, drying is easy!

7. Carry time-pass objects:

Roads will totally go off hand during the monsoon season and thus chances are that you may get stuck in traffic. Thus keep music or books handy to spare you the horror of boredom.

music and books for travel

8. Food and Water:

Monsoons bring with it a lot of water related diseases and thus carrying your own water and having food from a good restaurant is a complete necessity!

Food and Water

Above tips to enjoy the monsoon travel will make your tour in monsoon season trouble free and enjoyable.

7-Simple Ways to Cut Holiday Travel Stress

7 Simple Ways to Cut Holiday Travel Stress

With excitement, holiday travel can bring along a lot of stress too! But there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is deal with it smartly. Don’t let the stress take a toll over your holiday planning. The first thing to do is let go off things that are not very important and the other thing is try to go with the flow. And below mentioned are a few other things that can help you to cut holiday travel stress!

1. Book your holidays as early as possible

This will allow you to get cheaper deals along with flexible schedules. This means you get to choose the dates that best suit you.

Book your holidays as early as possible

2. Book early morning or late night flights

This is indeed a very important aspect of travelling. It rarely happens that an early morning flight will get delayed. And by chance if it gets cancelled you will always have enough options of other flights during the day!

If traveling by road, then too this will help you to relax post your journey. You can take a small nap after you reach to unload your driving stress!

3. Give priority to your health

Even a little imbalance in your health can ruin your trip. Take thorough care of the smallest of the health issues that may interfere with your traveling. In addition, take any specific medications you or your family may require to cut holiday travel stress. Check weather conditions of your destination and pack the accessories such as woolens, sunglasses, etc accordingly.

Give priority to your health

4. Don’t let luggage burden you

Usually people end up packing more than they actually need for their trip. Clothes are one thing that occupies most of the luggage. You already know the number of days- pack maximum two sets of clothes for each day.

Reduce luggage burden to cut holiday travel stress

Also, do not try to pack everything in one bag. Divide your luggage smartly. This will allow you to move around freely!

5. Be ready with

No matter how organized you are, but there is no guarantee that the other external factors will go in sync with your plans. Flights may get delayed; hotel reservations might get cancelled and so forth. It is very important for you to foresee that you least expect.

6. Maybe your family is stressed too!

In the course of planning a perfect vacation you tend to take your family for granted. It is quite possible that your family is equally stressed. So don’t lose your cool in case something is not falling in line. If your family members wish to help you out in some way allow them to be a part of the travel planning journey!

7. Go digital!

There are amazing travel apps that can guide you to choose the best places/ attractions to go to, best things to do, how to take care of yourselves during the holidays, etc. Not only apps there are exclusive and reliable websites dedicated to planning a perfect holiday tour. By the time you actually start for your journey, you should have enough information which will help you have a fantastic vacation!     

15 Essential Tips for Making Your Qatar Trip Memorable

Essential tips for your memorable Qatar trip

Qatar trip is really to visit the famed city of Doha. International tourism and business magazines have called it a brand new Gulf premier city in making and with its bounty of recreational luxury and budget vacation options; it is indeed a city worth visiting. Here are some tips everyone planning a Qatar holiday must know of:

Doha the real beauty of Qatar trip

1. Travelling to Qatar via national airways from several major cities of the world is easy now. You may also opt for British Airways, Emirates and other airways. Reaching Qatar via Dubai stopover is a bit cheaper.

2. Do not bring along pork products, alcohol or narcotics while visiting Qatar as these are banned here.

3. Climate: Qatar’s climate can be hostile but the initial winter month of November is fairly pleasant. The peak season is during spring when the climate is moderate so visiting during winter months or during March-April will be suitable. Summer brings sandstorm and extremely high and dry climate so if you are planning a Qatar trip, stick to the winter season

4. Things you must not forget: On your sightseeing Qatar tour, remember to pack some good sunglasses-hat to save you from the sunlight and a decent sun block to keep the tan at bay. Qatar being a religious country puts a lot of emphasis on the religious culture. The local clothing style has evolved following the religious culture so wear what covers your shoulders and legs. Plunging necklines are a big no-no for women. While covering the head is not a necessity but women should consider wearing scarves when walking inside a religious site. Moreover, men should keep the chest and legs covered too when in public.

5. Make sure that you are carrying travel health insurance. In case of any emergency, you may utilize the insurance to cover the high medical costs. Dial 999 for emergency medical help in Qatar.

6. Do carry photocopies of essential documents such as visas, passport, tickets and traveler’s cheques. Carry enough money in form of credit/debit cards, traveler’s cheques, cash and cash cards. Transactions: You will need to have Qatari Riyal for all transactions within the country but you can also use Saudi Riyals for small purchases.7. If you are sightseeing Qatar or the capital, Doha, then visiting the conventional Corniche is a must. The arched promenade whose view from the Doha Bay and the Clock tower is delightful is a place worth hanging out at if you are in the mood for some urban architect study. You will find most people walking along the pathway as the Corniche offers a grand view of the capital and is among its greatest gems.

Doha bay

8. Another place worth visiting in Doha is the Rumeila park which has everything to amuse the traveler inside you. From grand art galleries, cafeterias to skateboarding space, the park is everything. A must visit whether you are travelling with family or with friends.

Rumeila park Doha

9. The Katara Cultural Village is another one of Doha’s classic attraction with its wondrous roman styled architectural and cultural design. If you are a foodie then you will fall in love with the food!

10. Some Museums in Doha may not be open so before you take your sightseeing Doha tour, check with the authorities beforehand. The is renowned for its wide collections sought from distinct continents though and is mostly open during the day.

Doha Museum of the Islamic Art

11. While Doha dictates the Qatari tourism model, Khor Al Udeid is another tourism centric region where the rolling dunes offer an exotic rush of adrenaline. You can get any tourist company to get your a guided tour with racing included along with local cuisine meals and a campfire experience.

Khor Al Udeid

12. If Qatar trip amuses you beyond your wildest expectations then you can seek an extension for 14 days.

13. Qatar has a bounty of recreational vacation options and some amazing hotels. Doha has numerous accommodation options that suit all budgets so whether you want a budget hotel or a 5-star, the capital won’t fail to impress you.

14. Qatar’s culture has roots in the Bedouin tribes (nomadic) who are now well known for their exquisite art of weaving. You can get souvenirs with Bedouin styled weaving like saddlebags, Qatari Fabric, golden-silver embroidered clothing, tents, etc from the Souq Waqif and other markets.

Souq Waqif

15. You might have some trouble getting around since the local administration has recently sponsored the setting up of street numbers. Most addresses don’t contain street numbers but have information on landmarks. So, getting around on your own car get troublesome but you can hire cabs or limousines from the hotels and get a guide to help you navigate.

Seven tips to Save Money on Holiday Travel

7 Easy Tips to Save Money on Holiday Travel

There is never an end to expenses when you are traveling and vacationing together. Everything around seems so tempting and you probably want to indulge in everything that excites you. But traveling during holidays will probably hit your pockets harder. So how are you going to have fun without having to spend through your nose? Well, there is no rule of thumb that can be brought to use here, but you can certainly make use of some tips mentioned below for maximum to save money on holiday travel!

Advance bookings by using loyalty points

Understand that Airlines will shoot-up their prices during the holiday season because this is the time they can make huge earnings; as the travelers are ready to pay anything. You, as a traveler can save a lot if you book your tickets 2-4 months in advance, when the fares are normal.

You can make use of all the loyalty points that you may have earned till then, which will cut down on the price even more and save money on holiday travel  !

Travel to nearby places

If you don’t have a specific requirement and you are still pondering over where you can go for your next vacation, then choose a place that is not too far away from your home. You can travel by road and save a lot of money on air travel. If you opt for this, you even have the luxury to stretch your vacationing day.

Opt for rental apartments over luxury hotels

Holiday season means expensive accommodations and meals. If you choose to rent apartment, you get to cook and do your laundry all by yourself. There is definitely a huge scope for saving your money here.

Tto save money on holiday travel take rental apartments

Look for coupons or cheaper packages

Nowadays, travel companies are coming up with amazing and pocket friendly deals/ packages. Try to find a combo-package which may include traveling, accommodation, meals and sight-seeing, all together. This will have a great impact on your complete travel experience too.

r cheaper holiday packages

Use Public Transportation

Renting a car will be lot more expensive than using public transportation, especially during holiday season. There might be a little inconvenience, but it will be definitely wise for your pockets.

Public Transportation

Carry only essential items

If you are traveling by air, then you got to remember that you can carry only about 15-20 kg per person. If you are traveling by road, then you need to consider the space that will be occupied by your luggage. Taking these things into consideration, you should make a list of things that you can’t do without and have to carry along for your vacation. Keep in mind that you will always have the option to buy things in the local market of your holiday destination.

Carry only essential items in holidays

Use your smart phones for various things

There are many apps that can help you with different things when you are out of your hometown. For example, it can guide you with routes, tell you about cheapest restaurants and stores, etc.

smart phones

Like said before, there is no specific rule to save money while on vacation but the above tips will surely make your holiday travel affordable.

Greece favorable tourist destination for budget travelers

What makes Greece a favorable tourist destination for budget travelers?

Every time Greece and tourism are mentioned in the same sentence, the usual response invokes a tinge of desperation and anxiety among budget travelers. But the Greek economic crisis has been news since 2010 and this is indeed the best time to travel to the major historical and cultural European center!

Greece has always enjoyed a strong political and financial foothold among the European countries but the recent fiscal whiplash has injured the economy pretty bad so taking a Greek solidarity holiday would be a perfect and budget friendly affair. A developed country that enjoys an impressively high quality of life, Greece is a European haven and given the current economy, there is no need to re-emphasize why you should visit the country without worrying about your expenses.
Greek vacation

The real question is how do you make your Greek vacation affordable? Here are essential tricks and tips to make your Greece travel budget friendly:

Athens is the capital, cosmopolitan with a vibrant club and party scene and receives an influx of visitors throughout the year. Most people believe that Greece is best visited in summer or during July and August but the country is hospitable and pleasant throughout the year. If you are on a budget, make sure you avoid the peak season ruckus. The capital is costly but if you are tactical in your approach, you will survive and enjoy on a budget pretty conveniently.

Athens highlights

Flights are pretty affordable, thanks to the economic crash so getting a hefty discount on a pre-booking won’t be hard but remember to look at the right place, even when you are booking online or using a travel agent. 

Major pubs, clubs and summer parties charge a lot so if you are into the hedonistic scene of the summer then you may want to work on your budget, schedule and minimum-maximum range. But equally decent food and drinks at local and less expensive restaurants and cafes will sure save you drachmas.   pubs Athens

Athens is a den of dorms, hostels and hotels so getting an on-cash accommodation deal ranging €5 to €50 won’t be hard work at all. If you are staying longer, you can even negotiate and if you are intending to travel out of the capital, choose cheap but safe hostels or budget hotels instead of franchise hotels or lavish brands.

Another trick for saving costs on the trip is through familiarizing yourself with the place and exploring the city on bicycle or foot instead of hired cabs.   Stock up your ammunition with street maps, local guidance brochures and visit the monuments and sites on your own. Then branch out to lesser known places like Thessaly, Lesbos, Rhodes, Alonissos, etc.  

Thessaly Athens Paying in cash will keep your transportation cheap so you can use the local ferries, hire bicycles or use a local cab service.

Decent food around the country doesn’t cost higher than €30 unless you are having the fine dining experience and €25 is a good range if you tend to enjoy your meals only with wine.

Mykonos and Santorini are mainstream Greek tourism jewels but remember that they are extravagant as well. So, you might want to visit the less crowded and more affordable destinations such as Crete and Folegandros. So, do your homework on the areas you want to cover and skip the famous, crowded spaces and visit the mainland instead.

Santorini Greece

Affordable group and backpacking package deals also have extensive discounts available along with plane tickets so get a good Greek travel operator to fix your deal and bask in the glorious Greek sun on one of Greece’s lesser known  though exotic island jewels.

Essential tips to remember before visiting Greece

Essential tips to remember before visiting Greece

Greece has always been in the news but if you are planning on visiting then your timing is just perfect. The economic crash means you will be more welcomed and this further means: Budget friendly trips and packages to Greece. If you look hard enough, you will even find humongous plane tickets discounts and advance ferry and cruise booking discount options. Here are some essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to make your holiday experience more memorable:

Accommodate less famous islands in itinerary

Greece is a party of hypnotic Islands so don’t restrict yourself to the mainstream monuments even if you have your entire trip planned out for day by day excursions. If you can, avoid the mainstream party destinations unless you want the hedonistic experience and visit Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, etc. Since Islands are actually among the Greek holiday highlights, you may want to make advance bookings to avoid last minute hassle.

Hellenic Festival

Hellenic Festival Greece

If you are visiting in summer, check for the Athens’ Hellenic festival schedule and don’t forget to enjoy this vast cultural event.

Sites, Ruins and Monasteries

Sites, Ruins and Monasteries Greece

Greece is full of monuments, ruins, temples, museums, tourist sites with cultural and historical significance worth thousands of years and good news is that they are all over the country. So, pick your favorite spot, take a day to explore the Delphi ruins, Meteora, Archaeological museum of Iraklio or Olympia, or the Melissani Cave, Temple of Olympian Zeus and many more of Greek gems.

Archaeological museum of Iraklio Greece

Don’t skip the capital

Lykavittos hill Greece

Athens is home to Acropolis, Psiri, Thissio, Piraeus, Plaka, Metaxourgeio, Monastiraki, etc and all of these a worth a visit for sure. Capital’s view from the Lykavittos hill is something worth cherishing that you must never skip out on unless you can’t manage the time. If you are in a hurry, take the 90 minutes open bus tour and enjoy your rest of the day at the bohemian Exarchia exploring magnificent collections of art. Those who find the nightlife more indulging on holidays will love a visit to Kolonaki, Monastiraki, Gazi, and numerous other areas of Athens.

Kolonaki Greece


Athens is among the primary tourist and commercial destinations of Greece so your budget as well as extravagant or even semi-lavish accommodation requirements will be catered to pretty effectively. Since the market is down, it would be wise if you pay through cash and go for a budget friendly accommodation depending on your preferences. But if you don’t mind the expenses then luxurious hotels are only a few Euros away. Out of Athens, most islands cater to dorms, hostels and hotel accommodation requirements so you can further book rooms or beds as per your trip. This is one of the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece.

Off Season deals

Greece tourism sector has suffered a great deal due to the current economic condition but if you are up for the ultimate budget experience, choose off season and checkout the mainland mountainous region which is particularly cold due to Altitude alpine climate. This also one of the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to save money.

The Moped experience

There is absolutely no way that you travel through Greece without having had the ultimate Motor-pedal experience. The Mopeds, bicycles and scooters are easily available and don’t cost high either so hire a Moped for an hour or for an evening and bask in the Greek sunset glory of crimson rays and darkening sand.

Pay Cash for Solidarity

The Greek crisis has been well documented so you need no introduction to how pumping cash back into the local business will help the people. In fact, now is the time when you’ll probably find the best deals on cash so when hiring accommodation, guide, driver and other important aspects of your trip, show some solidarity with cash payments. Online and credit are helpful too if you can’t manage the cash but keep cash payments as your preferred medium and of course, don’t forget to carry enough hard cash along as there may be certain banking issues given the economic breakdown. These are the essential tips to remember before visiting Greece to make your trip budget friendly.


Before getting all set for the trip, check all necessary documentation like Visa as there are often numerous loopholes that you may not have thought of earlier but may affect your trip when you enter Greece. You will need to check about Greece’s regulations and laws on tourism visa based on your country’s stance on Schengen Agreement, participation in the EU as member, etc. You can apply for visa from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy for comprehensive information on travelling to Greece.

Go beyond planes

You can enter Greece through flight (Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport, Nikos Kazantzákis Int’l, etc), low cost carriers, cruise ships (available from Italian, Turkey port cities), roadway (Overland from Italy, Yugoslavia route, etc), railway (Thessaloniki), etc., so don’t limit your options and explore more pleasant alternatives to the traditional airway solution.

railway (Thessaloniki) Greece

Politics, culture and how you should behave

Greece comprises major part of our history so the local pride over the Greek legacy and heritage is only natural. Most of all, remember that Greece is an orthodox Christian country so it is wise that you respect the local culture and beliefs before sharing your own. The trick to a great Greek experience lies in being the perfect spectator. Also, unless you have a healthy background in political knowledge, avoid political discussions and enjoy your trip as a humble visitor.

There are some nude beaches and you can camp just about anywhere but be sure to not provoke authorities’ ire with exaggerated regulations breaking attempts. Besides, keep healthy with ample water since Greek summer get flauntingly hot and humid during peak hours.

Bottom-line is that indulging wisely and exploring less advertised Greek sites will reap you the most beautiful memories.

Some Basic Etiquette for Comfortable Air Travel

Follow Some Basic Etiquette for Comfortable Air Travel

Good manners and etiquette are must haves for every human being wherever they are! And while traveling as well this attribute should not be left behind. Here is some basic etiquette for comfortable air travel for travelers that will help to have a very comfortable journey.

1. Abide by all rules and regulations

Have everything in place required for the air travel before starting out for the airport. You will absolutely have no reason to blame the airport authorities for leaving your passport at your recliner back home.

2. Move around the cabin only if it’s necessary

This is a very common mistake that people tend to make while on board. You got to remember that you are in flight and not in your home to be moving around freely. Your fellow passengers feel irritated with your constant up and down.

3. Keep luggage ‘only’ in the space assigned to you

Respecting other’s space is a very basic etiquette that people tend to ignore. Keep your cabin luggage only under your front seat (that’s your assigned place) and not under ‘your’ seat and in the bin above your seat. The less baggage you carry, the better it is.

keeping luggage in aircraft

4. Keep your talking to minimal

You should only speak if you are required to and that too politely. There’s absolutely no need for you to speak to the people sitting with you, unless of course if they ask you something. They need their space and wouldn’t appreciate your overfriendly behavior. In case you are travelling with kids then educate them about essential dos and don’ts of behaviour to avoid embarrassment in public.

5. If you are not well, don’t fly

This may sound very rude, but it is necessary. We need to think in the best interest of the people traveling along. If you are sick you may end up spreading germs unintentionally.

6. Don’t bother flight attendants unnecessarily

The flight attendants are not there for your entertainment, so stop talking to them unnecessarily if you don’t want disgusting looks from other passengers. But, if you need something then you may very well press the button right above your head. Remember to use the three precious terms- Please, Thank you and Sorry.

7. Don’t get impatient if your luggage is taking too long to arrive

Not just traveling, but also waiting for your luggage is something to deal with. It’s not just you whose luggage is not there yet. By getting impatient you might just be entertaining others on the airport. If you do not wish to be a laughing stock, then behaving like a grown-up will be in your best interest.

These points may look very obvious, but most of us don’t take them as seriously as they should. Try to remember these basic etiquette for comfortable air travel tips to have pleasurable journey.

Air travel tips for senior citizens

Air travel tips for senior citizens

Air Travel seems a tedious affair to the senior citizens who find it difficult to undergo the rigorous effects that travelling by air has on the body. However, this should not stop you from flying. Here are some travel tips for senior citizens to follow during flight to minimize the effects of air travel on body and have an enjoyable and relaxed journey.

Air travel for  senior citizens

Avoid moving around on a flight if you are a heart patient

Think again of travelling in a plane, if you are a heart patient. It would create a worse spot for you as air pressure at peak is low which would match your heart. Also, it is an advice for older people who are suffering from depressed or high line pressure, please and please avoid flights as a great deal as you can. It’s better to consult your doctor first before opting for air travel.This is one of the travel tips for senior citizens to follow during flight.

Run around at day hours

It would be very hard for an older person to move early in the morning or late in the nighttime.It is nifty if you can discover a flight, which board and deboard at day hours only.  Also, prefer to travel with family as it is impossible for an elder person to carry the luggage and board the flight at the same time.

Ticket booking

Ticket booking must be managed cautiously, as you can get discounts on the tickets for elder people. Always prefer front seat for elder person or the seat holding the extra legroom. Mention the needs during the ticket booking only as there will be no adjustments after that.

Assistance at Airport

Assistance at Airport for senior citizens

There is a facility, especially for older people at the airport. You can apply for assistance at the airport, in which a person will pick you up from the airport gate and drop you to the plane. There are some private companies which will be there for this purpose only. Also, you can apply for the wheelchair facility, in which the person will drop you in a wheelchair.

Separate bag for medicine

Make sure you are carrying a different bag for medicines as it would be easy during the security checking. If you carry medicines with your luggage, then you have to take it out for the security check purpose, which would be difficult for you. Moreover, make sure you have ample supplies of medicines that you may require in an emergency.

Food Preferences

Always make sure to keep the low fat and simple food preference on your checklist. It might be a little tempting to go for the delicacies offered on the flight, but make sure you stick to a normal diet that will help your digestive system remain calm and assist in the proper working of your metabolism.

Boarding/ de-boarding advantage

You can board the flight earlier as compared to other people, and at a de-boarding time, you can take extra time to move out. This is the special facility provided at the airport for older people only, so make a use of it.

These are the major things which must be held in mind by senior citizens during the journey by air. Also, never hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

How to Avoid and Cope with Jet Lag

How to Avoid and Cope with Jet Lag

What is a jet lag?

Jet lag is a common medical illness that is known by other names such as time zone change syndrome or desynchronsis. Jet lag is a physiological condition that affects people when they travel rapidly from east to west or in opposite direction on a jet plane. The disturbance occurs in our body’s circadian rhythms and hence it is also called circadian rhythm disorder. It is proposed that the symptoms of jet lag are more prominent while travelling from west to east.

Jet lag sleep

Prevention is better than cure

 It is certain that you cannot avoid jet lag, but there are ways to minimize its effects through preventive measures:

Physical fitness and health:

Physical fitness is obtained through the intake of a well-balanced and nutritious diet. A physically fit person who takes proper rest tends to suffer from lighter jet lag symptoms.

Prevailing medical illness:

It is highly dangerous to travel on a jet plane if you are suffering from any kind of medical illness. Patients with lung disease, heart disease or diabetes are recommended to get proper treatment before travelling. Travel only if your medical condition is in control.


Water keeps your body nourished and maintains the level of salts in the body. Before boarding the plane, make sure you have plenty of drink. Drinks do not include alcohol or caffeine. Their intake will make the condition worse.

Many travelers do not promote sleep aids during the flight. But if the symptoms are severe then medicines act as sleep aid that provide a nap time of almost seven hours. Manage your time properly to sleep for the most part of the journey and wake up at rise time of your destination.

Exercises to reduce jet lag symptoms:

A workout, during and after the flight can actually help to reduce symptoms of jet lag. They help to resynchronize your body with time. Here are some workouts:

In Flight Exercises:

It is difficult to move your body in compact space. But a little exercise can keep your blood flowing. You can walk around to feel less cramped. A leg exercise is a handy option. Do leg extensions or inner thigh squeezes. Try isometric exercises such as neck stretch, hip stretch, triceps dips, shoulder rolls etc.

After Flight Exercises:

The jet lag mostly strikes after 2-3 days. Prior to that, you can go for an evening walk and do some basic body weight exercises. A morning and evening yoga is considered to be the best remedy. Avoid doing high intensity cardio as your body is already exhausted. Perform basic stretches in your hotel room to keep your muscles flexible. Seated stretches such as arm rolls, fingers stretch, neck stretch, glute squeezes and ab twists are also helpful.

What to do if jet lag occurs?

The more chances are that you will suffer from jet lag if you are boarding a flight from west to east. It will disrupt your journey and harm your mental wellness. The following tips may help when jet lag strikes you:

Change your routine:

As soon as you reach your destination, make sure that you adjust your body and routine according to the local time-table. Your body has a mechanism to cope with the changes in the environment and perform accordingly.  Behaving as a local resident will speed up the body clock’s adaption to the alien environment.

If symptoms are severe:

In case the symptoms from the jet lag are severe, you should hold up your journey immediately and find the nearest place to take a rest. Do not carry on with the flight until you are completely cured. Alternate way is to travel by ship slowly. Also wearing sunglasses may reduce the effects.

Stay active till local bedtime:

Jet lag hates daylight, fresh air and exercise. Try to stay charged on your arrival and take a good walk in the new locality. Get rid of the tiredness by meeting new people and trying out new food. Refuse your body’s fatigue and stand firm till your body transits to the local time.

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Benefits of Staying in Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Bed and Breakfast Establishments

What are the Benefits of Staying in Them?

bed and breakfast establishments make a wonderful choice for a romantic holiday or getaway. They are popularly known for the cosy environment, courteous hosts, civic amenities, services and scrumptious breakfasts. Generally, bed and breakfast establishments are owned by a single person, and therefore always offer more and better than hotels. Over the years, most of these B&B establishments have maintained the allure of their location and the personalized friendly services that has always been expected from them.

In order to be assured that you experience the best, invest a little time researching all bed and breakfast options on the Internet. Meanwhile, we will tell you the exciting benefits of opting a bed and breakfast over a luxurious hotel,

Budget Friendly

Before heading for your vacation, it is also important to decide what should be the budget and how to make every penny of yours worth it. There are many types of B&B that offer lodging options that are totally same as luxurious hotels but still within in budget.

Personal Service

Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Bed and breakfast is best for those little personal touches. A personal conversation with your hosts will help you gather a lot of knowledge about local things like restaurants, main attractions and all other things you can view on your trip. In a bed and breakfast establishment, you are truly treated as one of the warmly welcomed guest by means of the hands-on approach. The host greets you in the best way possible and take care of all your needs like good food, cosy rooms, clean bathrooms, and nice environment.

Privacy Issues

Popular bed and breakfast offer a lot of privacy as you will be the only guest staying at their establishment. If you want to be away from hustle-bustle and chaos, staying at B&B is the steal deal for you any day as you will get your own “me” time and you can do whatever you feel like.

Local Lifestyle

The best benefit of choosing the bed and breakfast is that you will be served with home-cooked meals by your hosts. You will experience their local lifestyle. So, be ready to do that and feel how perfect it is to be away from home and still feel like being at home.

No Hassles For Breakfast

There is no movement of feeling cluttered as when you wake up, the first question that pops in your head is “what’s for breakfast”. If you choose bed and breakfast option, you will be served with a nice home-cooked meal. There will be no need of looking for a good restaurant where you can eat breakfast.

All the benefits considered a stay in a bed and breakfast establishment is a much more personal, enjoyable and thrilled experience which can never be explained until experienced. If you have a good destination in mind for a trip and you know the best bed and breakfast option as well where you can be cosy, relaxed and be treated like a special guest, then you know that you have already planned a successful and satisfying trip for yourself.

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