UNESCO World Heritage Sites of South America

Explore South America with these UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Exploring new places is exciting and full of surprises. It gets even more exciting when the places you’re exploring are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These sites are conserved by the international organization because they contain the rich history of the place and are associated with something big. These sites are a symbol of the culture and tradition of a place and let you understand the past in a better way.

If you’re venturing into the South Americas, then we have put together some mind boggling and mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage Sites for you that will make your travel all the more beautiful.

1. Iguacu National Park, Brazil:

This National Park defies international boundaries. The park is spread across a massive region covering Brazil and parts of Argentina. The Iguacu falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, stretch from Brazil to Argentina and form an ecosystem where plants and animals thrive. The place can be accessed from the city of Iguacu in Brazil.

Iguacu National Park, Brazil
Iguacu National Park, Brazil

2. Lima, Peru:

This Peruvian treasure tells about the rich past and the influence of the Spanish Conquistador in Peru. The city center resembles Spanish architecture and is conserved by the Peruvian Government and UNESCO despite all the instabilities going on in the country. A day long tour of this famous City Center in Lima will leave you breathless and you can experience the 16th to 19th century Peru here.

Lima Peru
Lima Piru

3. Rapa Nui:

This place is also known by the name of Easter Island. Rapa Nui is a mystical place that is our only link to the now extinct Polynesian civilization and culture. It is deemed as one of the most alluring places of sacred worth on the planet and contain the remnants of the Polynesian culture that are a mystery to us, even to this day.

Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui

4. Machu Picchu:

This World Heritage Site is one of the best kept secrets in the world. It was hidden from the humankind for ages and is the living example of the famous Incan Kingdom. The place can be accessed from a train ride from Cusco, but the tour becomes really fruitful if you take the Inca Trail and trek for a few days to reach the city. Visit this place with at least a week in your hand to experience the Incan marvels of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

5. Galapagos Islands: 

Inhabited by natural wildlife, the island group containing 19 islands mesmerizes anyone who visits. This is one of the last places on earth where man has respected the boundaries of nature. You can walk amongst the wildlife in this life changing experience in the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

6. Monuments in Cartagena:

This place is considered to be the most beautiful city in the Southern Americas. The place is located on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and is home to the best examples of colonial architecture. The forts, port and the group of monuments are quite magnificent and show the strength of the Spanish colonial emperors. The place was so well protected that the city earned the nickname of La Heroica.

Monuments in Cartagena
Monuments in Cartagena

7. Tiwanaku Ruins:

Bolivia’s west border and Lake Titicaca on the Peru’s southern border meet at the ruins of Tiwanaku. They were the predecessors of the Incas and were at their peak during the 8th The place hosts some of the best pre Inca architecture, including the famous Akapana Temple, a pyramid shaped stone temple that tells about the marvel of Tiwanaku people.

Tiwanaku Ruins
Tiwanaku Ruins

8. Talampaya National Park, Argentina:

Home to the world’s oldest dinosaur remains, the Telampaya National Park in Argentina is a marvel. This place is located in the central deserts of Argentina and delights the tourists by taking them through six different geological formations. These natural beauties have been carved by the water and wind over the years and is a must go place for Paleontology enthusiasts.

Talampaya National Park, Argentina
Talampaya National Park, Argentina

Check out these wonderful places in South America and add on to your experience in understanding the world in a better way. These World Heritage Sites are conserved by UNESCO as they want the world to experience the rich history and heritage of the places that have carved our present day the way it is.

Galapagos Islands, Group of Volacano Islands, South America

Galapagos Islands, South America

General info on Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos Islands are group of nineteen volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is a part of Ecuador. The islands and adjoining water sides are shared in three specific forms, the Galapagos Province, the Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve. The current volcanic activities are still developing the islands and this is the reason why these isolated islands became the home of unfamiliar species.

Galapagos Islands

Why visit the Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve are the world’s only and exceptional existing gallery and platform of evolution. If you consider yourself a nature lover and want an opportunity to explore the world wildlife like National Geographic, then this is the perfect reason to visit the Galapagos Islands. The most important reason to visit these islands is wildlife. The islands are the home of some sporadic animals. You can’t see these animals anywhere else in the world. The other reason to visit the Galapagos Islands is the underwater sphere. It has a spectacular, secure aquatic life where the alteration of ocean currents enriches the marine life.

Main attractions and things to do

These volcanic Islands are wonderful, mesmerism and habitat of various unfamiliar species. There are so many things that you can explore on these islands.

1. Charles Darwin Research Center- You can have a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island. If you are interested in science then you will get to know about Darwin’s observation and how the research continues today.

Charles Darwin Research Centre

2. Scuba Diving– If you are adventurous and curious about under water, then scuba diving is just perfect. You can see many wonderful fishes and water species.

Scuba Diving

3. Lava Tubes- Santa Cruz has some magnificent structures of lava. There are many long channel caves. You can explore these natural beauties by your own or you can hire a guide for increasing your knowledge.

Lava Tubes

4. Tortuga Bay- Tortuga Bay is one of the popular sea beaches in the Galapagos. It is a great experience of crystal clear water.

Tortuga Bay

5. The Wall of Tears- This is situated in the Puerto Villa-mil. The wall and its path, both are beautiful and interesting. You can see many birds and wildlife near this wall like, flamingos, turtles.

The Wall of Tears

6. Los Gemelos- These two sink holes are located in Santa Cruz. This place is enclosed by full of wooden area.

Los Gemelos

7. Giant Tortoise- The giant tortoise is the asset of the Galapagos Islands. These tortoises are mostly live till 150 years and reach the weight about 900 pounds. It can be an extremely magnificent experience to see them in their own territory.

Giant Tortoise Galapagos Islands

8. Birds- These islands have various birds. There are thirteen types of tanagers, Cormorants, Albatrosses and Frigate birds.

Birds Galapagos Islands

9. Las Loberias- This destination is world- famous for sea lions and their pups. You can spend a day by watching them or you can go for a swim, but keep some distance.

Las Loberias

Best time to travel Galapagos Islands

You can see animals and water species round the year in the Galapagos Islands. There are mainly two seasons in the islands, like cool and dry season in between June to November and warm and wet season in December to June. The warmer season is considered as the ideal time to visit these islands.

Galapagos Islands hotel options

Staying in the Galapagos Islands hotels is much more costly than in the mainland Ecuador. Four islands have hotel facility, Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, Isabela Island and Floreana Island. There are various types of hotels available from two stars to luxurious five star hotels. The charges are just double from the mainland. Minimum charges are 20 dollar per person each night and maximum 100 dollar. You need to check all facilities before you go to the booking.

How to reach Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos Islands are famous because these are isolated and untouched. You can only reach in these islands by flight. But there are no direct international flights. You have to reach in Quito or Guayaquil on Ecuador. Then you can board for Galapagos. It takes only 2.5 hours to reach the islands. There are daily connecting flights available from cities across Europe and America. Direct flights are there from Miami, Atlanta, Houston and New York. From Europe, Amsterdam and Madrid have direct flights to Ecuador. The busiest airport in the Galapagos Islands is in the Baltra Island and the second airport is in the San Cristobal Island.  

Buenos Aires-Best Romantic Destination in South America

Why Buenos Aires is the best romantic destination in South America?

Planning to have a romantic trip to South America, but not able to spot an attractive location for vacationing? Well, the answer from where to start your journey in South American romance is definitely Buenos Aires! The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an out of the ordinary place and one of the most romantic tourist destinations across the globe. The romantic trip to Buenos Aires will be one of your smartest trip decisions because it will give you a splendid quality time with your sweetheart and prove as a great experience for intimacy between both of you.

Buenos Aries

Here is a list of best romantic things to do to make it all worth for your heartthrob in Buenos Aires:

Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner at Best Restaurants 

Puerto Modero

What is better than enjoying some quality time with your loved one over a candlelight dinner? Buenos Aires has some of the finest restaurants in South America that serve the best beef and wine in the world. Plan a romantic date, book a table for two, and set the mood for romance for your better half and look into her eyes and say – “this is only for you.” You can hangout near the district along the old port called Puerto Modero specifically popular for great romantic restaurants.

Kick up your heels in a love hotel

telos Buenos Aries

Want to have some fun during your romantic trip, go to “telos”, hotels for lovers especially are rented by the hour basis and you can have fun as much as you want. When you check into these beautiful telos, neon lights normally identify them and you can enjoy some intimate moments with your sweetheart by the side of waterbeds under mirrored ceilings. There are rooms specially designed in all manners of romantic themes for romantic couples to have some cosy moments on their honeymoon.

Hear Folkloric Love Tales over a Musical Night

La Pena del Colorado

Mostly folkloric, the musical nights at La Pena del Colorado are a must-visit for people who are madly in love. They start at 10 P.M at a rustic restaurant that gives you the positive vibes of 90’s era with melodious music and love tales that will surely bloom the “romance” in your relationship. If you know how to play a guitar, then you have earned brownie points as after midnight you can pick up the guitar and sing for your heartthrob.

Walk Down the Vintage Spanish Architecture

San Telmo

Buenos Aires is a place full of surprises for both of you! San Telmo is a unique neighbourhood that is widely famous for its vintage Spanish architecture and takes you to the 70-80’s colonial era. Plan a romantic date for her and walk down the lanes of San Telmo where you will find interesting things like tango shows on streets, clubbing plus you can dress up in the traditional attires and take part in their festivities.

Walk among the Deads

The Recoleta Cemetery

Sounds a bit spooky, but it is one of the best experiences that you should not miss in Buenos Aires! The Recoleta Cemetery is an elite neighbourhood of Recoleta that brings life to its history like no other graveyard across the world. If you loved one is a history lover, then this place proves as a best place for a romantic date away from the hustle-bustle of the city. With marvellous statues and sarcophagi to admire, bet your photo session won’t come to an end!

Groove with your partner at a milonga

La Calesita

The high spirit of tango not only creates a sense of passion while dancing but also sparks up romance in between couples. You will find tango nights in every corner of Buenos Aires, popularly known as ‘milonga’. It is a fusion of different social beats clubbed in a 80-90’s ballroom dance. If you want to take her on a tango night date, then visit venues like La Calesita, where men and women are seated on either side, asking for dance involves a proper subtle nod, and eyebrow twitches. Sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Visit Gardens for Romancing on a Date

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

On a Sunday morning in Buenos Aires, what is better than hanging out with your partner amongst the best of gardens surrounded by buildings sparkling love and passion of Japanese and Argentine. The Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires is a reflection of what lies on the other side of the world. The typical spots like Palermo will take you to world that leads straight into the Japanese world full of love and excitement. If you are looking to spend some cosy time with her, plan and take her out on date amidst the nature.

Salta Most Popular Tourist Destination of Argentina

Salta- A Place that Makes You Feel Home, Yet Faraway!

General Information

Salta holds a very important place in the history. Now, it is not only the most popular tourist destination of Argentina, but of the world; one reason being its exceptionally pleasant climatic conditions all-round the year. The architecture, culture and arts are some other things that the city can boast about.

Major Attractions

1. Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta- MAAM

1. Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta- MAAM

It is a small archaeological museum with a collection of ‘Children of Llullaillaco’ and holds temporary exhibitions. It’s a different kind of place and will offer you equally unique experience.

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 2. Cathedral of Salta

This church is built in a baroque style and yet it denotes simplicity. For the people who are religious or simply love gazing at good architectures, then this place is worth visiting.

 3.  Tolar Grande

Tolar Grande

Tolar Grande is a rocky mountain region. To come to this place you will have to cross the biggest salt lake of Argentina which in itself is an awesome thing. The best part is this place is not as crowded as the other tourist destinations and so can enjoy the time of your life here.

Major Activities

1. Mountain Hiking

Get adventurous and go for mountain hiking, come across beautiful landscapes and learn as much as you can about the region. Go for cycling in the mountains if you are a very adventurous kind of traveler. Horseback riding in mountains is yet another available option you can go ahead with!

 2. El Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds)

Train to the Clouds

It is a tourist train service and is the fifth highest railway in the world. It runs 13, 850 ft above the sea level. Traveling in this will definitely give you the most unique experience you can ever have.

 3. Teatro Provincial de Salta

This theatre holds amazing classical music performances as well as political protests. It would be a great idea to know about the culture of the place you are visiting as a tourist. And this will exactly offer you something unusual and something to boast about.

Explore Salta’s Nightlife

Places like Amnesia, The Bond, CanopusBoite and City Club Night will offer you great relaxation. These are few of the best places in Salta to experience the nightlife. If you do have time and priority, make sure you visit at least any one of these.


Tourists of any budget can comfortably stay in Salta. There are ample number of budget hotels, boutique hotels and apartments on rent, guesthouses and B&Bs available for the tourists. Salta offers you enormous variety to suit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

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The Salta airport is located 9.5 km to the south of the main city. There are regular flights from Salta to Buenos Aires. Once in Buenos Aires, you can ask your hotel to arrange for a cab to take you from airport to your hotel. Opt for bus travel to visit places near and around Salta. To visit the sightseeing places within the city limits, cab travel should offer you great convenience!

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