Madrid, Spain, the Shopping Destination of Europe

Madrid, Spain, the shopping destination of Europe

Madrid, one of the busiest and the prettiest commercial hub of Europe, is also one of the foremost tourist destinations around the world. This gateway to Europe has everything, from eye-warming castles, to modern infrastructure, from museums to shopping destinations; It is an amalgam of all that is good. This capital of Spain has emerged one of the most loved shopping destinations of Europe and the world.

Madrid as a shopping destination: 

Madrid as a shopping destination

Spain is known for its elegant fashion, and being the capital leads the way in fashion. From people who talk Prada to places where one can bargain to their heart contents, Madrid is an ideal shopping destination. Stylish clothes are not the only attraction, beautifully crafted furniture, leather goods, traditional handicrafts, top quality guitars, all these are worth every penny that one spends on shopping here. For years now it has served as a delightful home to art collectors and art enthusiasts. Excited much? Here is a list of places one should go about while shopping in Madrid.

Major shopping venues: 

There are three main meccas for shoppers in Madrid.

Puerta del Sol Madrid

  • The long stretch that starts from Callao and extends till  Puerta del Sol. Gran Vía, Calle de Preciados and Puerta del Sol are the prime shopping destinations here. Luxury brands and fashion chains, such as Zara, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Bershka, etc. can be found here. The main catch is that the prices offered here for the same brands are much less in comparison to the prices offered in other parts of the world.

Eastern Salamanca district Madrid

  • The second area, the eastern Salamanca district, is more expensive and dramatically elegant. This area has the widest and the most far ranging collection of designer names. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani and popular local brands are a common name around this area. Calle Ortega y Gasset, Calle Serrano, etc. are famous establishments and one can go here to find the comfort of the popular brands such as Versace, Hugo Boss, Chanel, etc.

Calle Hortaleza Madrid

  • Third is a triangle that has its points at Corredera Baja, Fuencarral and Gran Vía, and is the most popular of all shopping areas in Madrid. This third member of the trinity is for a much hip crowd and youthful crowd.   Calle Fuencarral and Calle Hortaleza are especially popular and intriguing for their wide variety of both first and second hand items which can be bought at a very affordable price.

Corredera Baja Madrid

How to get to Madrid and where to stay once there:

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

 Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, is the nearest airport to Madrid. It is just 18 kilometres away from the main city. Flights for major international destinations as well as national destinations are frequent here. Metro is the main source of connectivity with the city and is undoubtedly the cheapest and the most efficient way of travelling around.

While visit to Madrid, one can stay at Barrio Salamanca the most upscale and safe neighbourhood. Plaza Santa Ana or Huertas, is one of the most popular areas in Madrid and is brimming with hotels and rooms for rent. La Latina is another popular area for one to stay.

So, pack those bags and book your tickets and travel to Madrid, a great tourist place and a better shopping destination.

Barcelona the best destinations for shopping Europe

Top reasons that make Barcelona popular shopping destination of Europe

Barcelona is home to some of the biggest fashion brands (like the bigwigs Zara) and has everything for everyone’s budget. Whether you like grand, luxurious brands or are a fashion statement pro with everything vintage and classy, this bustling Spanish city is among the best destinations for shopping in all of Europe. Wondering why? Find out!

Your options for shopping in Barcelona are really vast

Did you know that Barcelona has around 35,000 shops? So many options for the tourists!  

Barcelona shopping

While nobody really has the time to explore all 35000 shops, walking along the three-mile “shopping line” alongside Las Ramblas pedestrian is a must. With least traffic, the pedestrian is lined by shops that sell some of the biggest brands. You can choose from Spanish-manufactured apparel, jewelry and design items, etc. 

The Passeig de Gràcia

The Passeig de Gràcia is a shopper’s haven with its extensive high street brands.


Located in the heart of Barcelona, walking around Passeig De Gràcia will get you some great grand modernist architecture glimpses. Home to some exclusive shops and the best affordable picks, the centre of Barcelona won’t disappoint whether you are a seasoned shopper or not.  

Enjoy the Local flavor on Sundays

Shopping on weekends might seem like a notorious idea but Shopping on a Sunday in Barcelona means you will have fun exploring the city, some small souvenir shops, really amazing fashion outlets at the Ciutat Vella that operates all week long.

Savor the antiques 

The Passeig de Gràcia of the Eixample district is actually more famous for antique shops than luxury fashion brands. Some antique shops with grand collections are also at the Carrer del Consell de Cent (also in the same Eixample district) and shops alongside the Carrer de la Palla are also great for antique shopping.

Barcelona antique shops

Explore the Flea Markets

A flea market is held on Saturdays morning near the Colum (Christopher Columbus) monument which is located near the Las Ramblas. The market is totally worth checking out if you are a shopping pro and the second famous flea Market of Barcelona is held at the square (right out the Barcelona Cathedral) on Thursday mornings.

Flea Market of Barcelona

Convenient shopping with El Corte Ingles 

El Corte Ingles department store is scattered all over the city and some of its stores are so close that you could virtually walk there in no time! The Fnac department store is located close too and what makes these department stores so sought-after is that they offer extensive collections for just about everything. So, if you are travelling and need to do all of your shopping in one place, then these stores should be on your list.

El Corte Ingles department store Barcelona

Weekday shopping at La Boqueria 

La Boqueria is a huge market and sells just about everything. A public market, La Boqueria is situated at the Ciutat Vella (home to some of the classiest souvenir shops). If you are done shopping apparel fashion items then a small stopover at this public market will get you some great refreshments. 

La Boqueria Barcelona

Another great place to shop from are the Gràcia’s Carrer de Verdi, La Gauche Divine  Museu Gastronomic (Catalonian foods, wines), etc. 

With Barcelona being home to some amazing fashion collections and antique finds, you will sure go home with a delightful shopping experience.

Milan Perfect Historical and Shopping Destination Europe

Milan- perfect historical and shopping Destination of Europe

Milan or Milano is the second most populous city in Italy with population over 7 million, including its surrounding urban area. It means ‘in the middle’ is a landlocked and a sprawling happening ‘global city’ of Europe. Milan’s growth of urban and suburban area comprises of several provinces such as Brianza, Pavia, Bergamo, Como, Lecco, Monza, Varese and Novara. It’s largest non capital city of Europe and third biggest economy, in terms of GDP. Amalgamation of ancient history and bustling modernity makes it a perfect historical and shopping destination in Europe.

Why Milano

Milan is a bit underrated when the general tourist’s interest is seen in Rome or Florence more. It is a great destination for shoppers and for tourists who have keen interest in history. What factors make this city truly the best destination for tourists can be attributed to the following facts.

History of Milan

History of Milan goes back to 400 BC when it was abode of Celtic or Insubres who were known to have settled in Milan and adjoining places. Then in 212 it was conquered by Roman Empire who made it their capital of Western Roman Empire. Romans built many buildings for their royal entourage. Like Thermae Herculeae which is a big complex of palaces, buildings and allied services, its relics can be seen in Milan. In 313 BC, Roman Constantine I rode at the helm of this city, he advocated freedom for Christians to exercise their religion. After that Visigoths, Huns, Ostrogoths, Byzantine Empire, Lombards, Teutonic tribe, powered over It. Finally, It came under Holy Roman Empire.

In Middle Ages Milan prospered as a powerful hub of trade activities of Europe. Also became powerful with its rulers who fought the wars and made Milan a place of pride of Italians. It saw through an era of Napolean Bonaparte, French invasion, Austrian attack and survived outbreak of plague which took 60000 people’s life.

Places to see:

  • Sempione Park is the largest park in central-Milan, built in 1890 has Napoleonic Arena,  city Aquarium, a steel lattice tower, Japanese garden, public library and an art exhibition centre.
Sempione Park Milan
  • Montanelli Gardens- developed in 18th century the garden are well planned and have a National History Museum and Planetarium of the city.
Montanelli Gardens Milan
  • Forlanini park-not far off from city center Forlanini park is historical for Milan’s agriculture with a large pond and many well maintained old shacks.
Forlanini park Milan
  • Parco Nord Milano is a wood land on north of this city developed as national park
  • Parco Agricolo Sud Milano is a national park in South-Milan
  • Parco Delle Cave or Sand pit park is developed on neglected land where excavation of sand and gravel was being done, now built with artificial lakes and forest
Parco Delle Cave Milan
  • Milan Cathedral
  • Castello Sforzesco open museum
  • Galleia Vittorio Emanuele II- great indoor shopping arena
  • Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore- great ancient church
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore Milan
  • La Scala Opera an old opera house

There are so many remains and reminders of the historical events happened here.

Shopping paradise

Milan is the haute couture centre and a fashionable city where there is no time lapse between clothes shown on ramps and those landing on the racks of the garment shops. The whole show of the fashion shops are in a town square Quadrilatero d’Oro that means ‘rectangle of gold’. It is one of the best fashion destinations of Europe.

town square Milan

All the big names have their presence there in this city like Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Marni, Prada, D & G, Fendi, Chanel etc.

Milan’s visit-friendly aspects

It is connected with all major cities of the world by daily flights. Accommodations are available matching all budgets. Its ethnic food is wholesome with more rice on the platter than pasta. Ideal time for visit is all the year round though summers are sultry, humid and hot some times and in winter’s temperature can go down to sub zero.