Rome is the Ideal Romantic Destination

Why Rome ideal romantic destination?

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Love, beauty, passion, desire and everything else is best expressed in Italian. The  Rome Ideal Romantic Destination, eternal city, the land where civilization flourished and expanded centuries back is now iconic for its romance and nonchalance. With legendary films like Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Wyler’s Roman Holiday, etc, featuring the best of Rome, the eternal city has grown synonymous with romance over decades. And, here are some more reasons that make this classic Rome Ideal Romantic Destination the supreme city as Rome:

Rome Ideal Romantic Destination

Take the ancient romance pilgrim to the Temple of Roma (Amor) and Venus

The grand temple has been in existence since 2nd century A.D. and part of it was built to amuse and honor Venus, the goddess of love and the other for Goddess Roma. A play on the words is that Amor in Spanish means love and Venus is the goddess of love while the other goddess whose the temple was dedicated to is Roma (Amor in reverse). Romantic, isn’t it? 

Temple of Roma and Venus

Taste the traditional with the lover’s paradise at Aventine Hill and the Giardino degli Aranci

Rome Ideal Romantic Destination will always be the traveler’s favorite, so don’t be afraid of the conventional spots. The Aventine Hill is one of the many beautiful, tranquil and traditional spots of Rome but still as classy and magnificent as it was in the ancient period. Close by are the medieval churches and the Giardino degli Aranci garden which you will keep coming back to once you witness the spectacular view of the city from. 

Giardino degli Aranci garden Rome

Visit the Priory of the Knights of Malta’s famed keyhole to get the three in one view of your life of the Knights’ garden, the Vatican and of course, Italy aligned in perfect symmetry with the Dome of St Peter’s. 

An evening or late night stroll along the Tiber

Seldom has a roman site looked more beautiful than the glowing Tiber of twilight. Your romance in Rome remains unfulfilled unless you have feasted your eyes upon the golden hues of Tiber’s reflection of city into the night sky. Cheat the traffic and get off from Lungotevere to get to the Ponte Sant’Angelo and the Castel Sant’Angelo to have the supreme Italian Impressionist experience of your lazy, lover’s night.

Romance of Rome by twilight

Break away from the tourist-y hustle at Piccolo Arancio

A tiny upmarket trattoria located close by the Trevi Fountain, Piccolo Arancio shines as the perfect getaway from the bustle of regular tourist spots. If you are in a mood for a calm, chit-chat lunch, head off to this hidden piazza and revel in a lazy Italian afternoon.

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Drench yourself in love at the Trevi Fountain

Could there be anything more quixotic and dreamy than the grand Trevi Fountain itself? If you are visiting Rome for honeymoon then you can propose all over again at the fountain, all over again and reward yourself the luxury of one of those iconic exotic memories. Not really for the big plunge yet? No problems. Just wake up super-early and you will have Fellini’s secluded, solitary classic fountain all to yourself. 

Trevi Fountain Rome

Indulgence of aesthetics at Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps and Gianicolo Hill

Again, nothing beats conventional classics so the idea of walking around, enjoying the Italian weather at Villa Borghese which is indeed genius and get more pleasant when you never run out of wine. A calm stroll to the golden lit Spanish Steps when it’s dark or an extravagant afternoon at the Gianicolo Hill will sure be your cherry atop the roman pastry.

Villa Borghese Rome

Enjoy the art and intimacy at the Villa Farnesina

Now among Rome’s best art spots, Villa Farnesina was once the go-to erotic spot of all of Rome with its suggestive frescoes (Galatea by Raphael), and beautiful works by other great renaissance artists. Visuals offer the greatest stimulation of senses so titillate your sense with some renaissance style romantic flavor and enjoy the beauty of Trastevere’s Villa Farnesina.

Villa Farnesina Rome

There is no travel guide that will give you the key to romance in Rome ideal romantic destination but if you are madly in love and in the mood for a passionate fête with your loved one then you will find it somewhere around the piazzas, dim lit alleys or the  pedestrian cafes for sure. Rome is indeed the most romantic  destinations for couples around the world.

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Paris an Ideal Place for Romantic Couples

What makes Paris an ideal place for romantic couples?

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Paris an ideal place for romantic couples is the worlds’ most elegant and romantic cities, full of thrill, charm, culture and wonderful sightseeing’s that blossoms the love amongst couples. There is no “best time” to visit the city, visiting Paris an ideal place for romantic couples in any of the four seasons has its own individual reward, however, it is often said that Paris look at its best during spring and autumn.

So, where do you go to get it right on a romantic Paris getaway? From posh restaurants to horse-drawn carriage rides, Paris an ideal place for romantic couples has got the best of romanticism in its air that will make your partner fall in love with you again.

Paris an ideal place for romantic couples

Here are some of the romantic ideas to make everything worth in one of the most romantic places of the world,

Tango on the Seine

Tango on the Seine

As long as the weather is favourable, the tango enthusiasts gather at the mini amphitheatres along the Seine in the fifth arrondissement to dance seductively until midnight. If you plan a dancing date with your partner, then this is the place for you with a very sexy twist in Paris. However, if you do not want to join the tango enthusiasts, you both can simply sit with a bottle of wine on the steps; watch the dancers who are oh-so-magical and incredibly romantic.

Walking Date by the side of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The nightlife at Paris is beautifully active with many characteristics that simply cannot be defined. One such experience is walking by the side of Eiffel Tower. Imagine walking with your heartthrob, fingers entwined, under the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower, shading you from the moon peeping from the clouds. Eiffel Tower is a paradise on earth, which must be visited, experienced, and cherished eternally with your loved one.

Go for a drive in a Vintage Citroën

vintage Citroën CV2 Paris

Here, a classic 90’s idea for a special day or maybe a night out in Paris: hire charming French wearing a striped Breton shirt; ask him to show up at your hotel/apartment to take you on an open-roof tour of Paris in his vintage Citroën CV2. You can also tell him in advance to lead the way and show you all his secret spots of the city that are best to spend some me-time with your partner.

A Romantic Stroll down the Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Couples madly in love can take a romantic stroll down the tree-lined Champs-Elysees, one of the most famous streets in Paris, to the Arc de Triomphe. You can also take your partner to a romantic candlelight dinner date, as there are dozens of Parisians restaurants that are always ready to make your date a memorable one.

Wall of “I Love You’s”

Wall of I Love You

Situated in the Paris’ 18th arrondissement, the Wall of “I Love You’s” was a memento created by Claire Kito and Frederic Baron. Since then, it has become a meeting place for lovers of love who are madly in love with each other. The wall has “I love you” written in over 250 languages by lovers.

Therefore, if you want your partner to remember Paris forever, then a lovely date to this place is an absolute-must.

Going for a River Cruise in Seine at Night

River Cruise in Seine

When night falls and romance flutters amongst couples, the idea of going on a dinner and a show while watching the mesmerizing highlights of Paris is not bad at all. Plan a romantic cruise getaway along the Seine River with your better half accompanied by singers and cosy music. The beautiful moments at the riverside are something that will make you smile while you look back at your memories in Paris.

Go for a Romantic Moulin Rouge Show

Romantic Moulin Rouge Show

The Moulin Rouge show is the world renowned show in Paris with full of glitter and glamour. Enjoy three course meals and drinks amid music-dance extravaganza with your lady love and let the romance reach to new heights!

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Prague One of the Most Romantic Cities

Reasons to visit Prague for romantic getaway

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Prague romantic city is popularly known as “Jewel of the Crown” between the central Europe, and one among the most romantic cities in the world. The beautiful city of Prague is located along the Vltava River in the region of central Bohemia. Prague is one of the largest cities and serves as a capital of the Czech Republic. Prague earns its livelihood from tourism all round the year. It makes as a good choice for a peaceful and romantic break from the busy yet monotonous city life.

With a wide array of options, the Prague romantic city simply oozes happiness, love, romance, and enthusiasm in every possible way during your getaway here. However, if you are still looking for valid reasons as to why you should choose Prague as your romantic getaway, then here are reasons to help you:

historical centre Prague

Enjoy good weather and walk around magnificent historical monuments

The best way to know Prague is by taking a stroll around. Spring and summertime sun are the best times to enjoy some peaceful walks with your beloved in Prague. The old town of Prague is one romantic spot, which is famous amongst lovers and serves as a great tourist interest too. An Astronomical clock is installed in the Old Town, which is a necessary see for people of this planet. One of the other marvels “The Lennon Wall” is a tourist spot that makes it a must-visit for John Lennon fans as there is a graffiti specially dedicated to him.

Astronomical clock Prague

Satisfy your Musical Soul in Prague romantic city

Prague can satisfy classical musical lovers as well as fan f rock, pop and every other genre. While you can get your fill of classical music in the Municipal House, or in fact in one of the churches in Prague and no fan of dance music should miss a chance to visit Prague’s renowned music clubs. Among the other obligatory stopping points, there are places like Akropolis, Cross Club, and multimedia space MeetFactory that brings out the best romanticism among couples.

MeetFactory Prague

Cruise on the Vltava River

As Prague is situated near the Vltava River; you will be able to feel the true romantic aura of Prague, which will definitely make you fall in love at first site – enough to let the honeymooners choose Prague as their destination of choice to romance with their partners. To have a good time, you can either choose paddleboats or go for a guided cruise tour, which involves a relaxing lunch too.

Cruise on the Vltava River Prague

Go for a romantic vintage car tour in Prague romantic city

 The best way to make your partner feel special is by taking her on an unusual date i.e. a vintage car tour. These vintage cars will take you back in time and allow seeing Prague in a chauffeur driven open-top classic cars. To make it more romantic, let your driver choose the itinerary, and however you ask him to combine the tour with a conversation about history and tips on good restaurants where you can take her for a lunch/dinner later.

vintage car tour Prague

Explore the romantic Letna Park at Prague romantic city

Letna is Prague’s most romantic city-centre park, which is a vast space between Milady Horakove, a buzzing shopping street, and the Vltava River. The Letna Park located on the south side of Prague, which offers spectacular views of the city and its bridges to lovers.

Letna Park Prague

Love your Lover on the May Day

Prague is one of the most enticing cities of Europe that celebrates Labour Day as love day. On this day in Czech Republic, you will find young couples, elderly couples or anyone who is in love climb up Peterin Hill and lay flowers at the foot of the statue of Karel Hyneck Macha. He is treated as the “love” god who has written the best-loved epic poem for the lovers in Czech language.

Peterin Hill Prague

Gift her garnets from Cesky Granat Turnov

Take your special someone to Cesky Granat Turnov and she will not be able to stop herself from choosing a garner-set ring, bracelet, or necklace. These garnets are symbol of love that is semi precious ruby gems taken out from mines near the city of Turnov in the Czech Republic.

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Florence, Italy an Ideal Romantic Vacation

For an Ideal Romantic Vacation go to Florence, Italy

The city of Florence in Italy is a great place to be in when you are in love. Its air is filled with romance and love and to make the most of it, many newlyweds come here for their post-wedding trip or call it a honeymoon. Some lovers want to make it even more special and so they plan to get married right here in this city. Some married couples are so tempted to revisit their wedding day that they go ahead and renew their vows in a local church. Taking part in a blessing service too is a very common thing for the lovers who come here.

Florence, Italy

Let’s talk about a few romantic things that you can do while you are in Florence.

Art lovers

Couple who love art will appreciate attending concerts and exhibitions that regularly take place in Stazione Leopolda. It was a first ever train station in Florence, which now apparently has become an event center.

Stazione Leopolda Italy

Liberia Café La Cite

Enjoy exhibitions or Tango nights, this place has everything to offer to the lovebirds. The café is perfect to spend an evening at.

Adventure lovers

How about bike riding? If you both are adventurers, you can spend a whole day bike riding on a beautiful stretch of Florence to Tuscan countryside. Take regular breaks at romantic olive groves, hillside villas, medieval castles and vineyards to make your outing more romantic than sporty.

medieval castles  Italy

You can even go for a picnic at Parco delle Cascine which is near the market. Shop till you drop in the market which is open only on Sundays and Tuesdays and head to your destination to relax.

Parco delle Cascine Italy

For lovers looking for something different

Go to Ponte Vecchio Bridge, but don’t forget to buy a set of lock and key before you go there. Once you reach at the bridge, you will find innumerable locks linked together. What you’ve to do is make a wish, link your lock to some other lock and throw the key over the bridge. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, your wish will be heard! Now that’s a cute Italian tradition, isn’t it?

Ponte Vecchio Bridge Italy

Do you wish to taste the finest Tuscan wine? Then you must go to a Florentine wine bar to attend a mid-afternoon wine and cheese tasting event. There, you will also get to learn about the culinary background and history of Italy.

Teatrodella Pergola Italy

Apart from the above mentioned places, couples can go to Teatro della Pergola to spend an evening to watch an opera or a play. Else, you can even go to Bardini Gardens. These are intimate gardens and absolutely gorgeous too. Enjoy breathtaking views once you reach the top of these gardens. Watching sunset while strolling beside Arno River, is yet another romantic experience for couples deeply in love.

Bardini Gardens Italy

These are just few of the ways to enjoy romantic getaway at Florence city in Italy. Given the beauty and attractions of the place, you will find several other ways and opportunities to propose or woo or excite your lover, after all Florence is one of the most romantic places of the world.

Bora Bora- Romantic Destination, A Lovers Paradise!

Bora Bora- A Lovers Paradise!

If love is in the air then romantic vacation is what you need to go to. Get away from it all and impress your partner by booking a lavish holiday in some exotic island. Now, which island could be better than Bora Bora? It is declared as one of the most romantic places of the world by the people across the globe and it definitely offers luxurious stay for one and all. Let’s have a look at the reasons that make it the best place to travel to.

Bora Bora is an eye treat for nature lovers

Mount Otemanu Bora Bora

This place has an illusory setting. If you have ever dreamt of going to a place that looks unreal, then here’s where you need to come! You may be for a surprise even before you land here. The first thing that you will notice is Mount Otemanu which looks as if it’s swathed in cloud and then follows a lagoon which has seven different shades of blue. The lagoon on the other hand is surrounded by thirty small islands; Bora Bora is one of them. The small islands are also called as ‘motu’. Resort bungalows floating on the waters look marvelous. Just wait until you reach here because this picturesque island is bound to take your breath away.

Bora Bora Motu

The magical mountains of Bora Bora and its neighboring islands are a complete knockout. They are rugged, difficult to climb, but are eternally beautiful. Mount Tohiea, Mount Rotui, Mount Mouaputa and Mount Mouaroa (Bali Hai) are some of the most impressive peaks of the region. It’s hard to find similar stuff in any other part of the world. Some of these mountains also have hiking trails that offer you a chance to explore your adventurous side.

For wedding couples and honeymooners


The resorts in Bora Bora are perfect for the lovers. They are located all around this island and once you are on your own deck, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. For a laid back romantic holiday- it’s such an ideal location.


The honeymooners need to look out for secluded beaches and a beach resort, such as those on Matira beach, is just perfect for the couples coming for their post wedding trip.


Matira beach Bora Bora


There are some amazing resorts located on the best beaches of Bora Bora where you can enjoy your stay in honeymoon suite, admiring the pure white sand and blue, calm waters and of course the famous coral reef.


 In case couples wish to exchange vows or renew vows here then there are plenty of wedding packages in traditional style which will make your special day even more memorable. Wouldn’t it be amazing to exchange vows amid Tahitian arrangements, music and dance?


Couples looking for luxury with romance

overwater villas Bora Bora

If love is what is bringing you to Bora Bora and luxury is what you cannot live without, then overwater bungalow can prove to be your ideal choice. It will offer you a chance to express your passionate love for your partner. Such villas have all the amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. There are only 11 such resorts that have the overwater villas. So you may want to book your resort well in advance for your trip.


For adventurous couples

jet skiing Bora Bora

Enjoying water sports with your lover adds a little more spice to your romance, isn’t it? Bora Bora will just offer you the right opportunity. This island indulges in a huge range of water sports starting from snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, shark diving to waterskiing, jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, dolphin and whale sighting tours and much more. The adventure here will be enough to revive thrill an romance in your life.

Just one trip to Bora Bora definitely cannot accommodate everything. And anyway, once you are here, you will definitely look forward to having another reason for your next trip to this dreamy island!

Bora Bora is all about luxury, adventure, romance and indulgence. And while you are here, don’t forget visiting the adorable Lagoonarium, Coral Gardens, Matira Beach and Mount Otemanu!

Buenos Aires-Best Romantic Destination in South America

Why Buenos Aires is the best romantic destination in South America?

Planning to have a romantic trip to South America, but not able to spot an attractive location for vacationing? Well, the answer from where to start your journey in South American romance is definitely Buenos Aires! The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an out of the ordinary place and one of the most romantic tourist destinations across the globe. The romantic trip to Buenos Aires will be one of your smartest trip decisions because it will give you a splendid quality time with your sweetheart and prove as a great experience for intimacy between both of you.

Buenos Aries

Here is a list of best romantic things to do to make it all worth for your heartthrob in Buenos Aires:

Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner at Best Restaurants 

Puerto Modero

What is better than enjoying some quality time with your loved one over a candlelight dinner? Buenos Aires has some of the finest restaurants in South America that serve the best beef and wine in the world. Plan a romantic date, book a table for two, and set the mood for romance for your better half and look into her eyes and say – “this is only for you.” You can hangout near the district along the old port called Puerto Modero specifically popular for great romantic restaurants.

Kick up your heels in a love hotel

telos Buenos Aries

Want to have some fun during your romantic trip, go to “telos”, hotels for lovers especially are rented by the hour basis and you can have fun as much as you want. When you check into these beautiful telos, neon lights normally identify them and you can enjoy some intimate moments with your sweetheart by the side of waterbeds under mirrored ceilings. There are rooms specially designed in all manners of romantic themes for romantic couples to have some cosy moments on their honeymoon.

Hear Folkloric Love Tales over a Musical Night

La Pena del Colorado

Mostly folkloric, the musical nights at La Pena del Colorado are a must-visit for people who are madly in love. They start at 10 P.M at a rustic restaurant that gives you the positive vibes of 90’s era with melodious music and love tales that will surely bloom the “romance” in your relationship. If you know how to play a guitar, then you have earned brownie points as after midnight you can pick up the guitar and sing for your heartthrob.

Walk Down the Vintage Spanish Architecture

San Telmo

Buenos Aires is a place full of surprises for both of you! San Telmo is a unique neighbourhood that is widely famous for its vintage Spanish architecture and takes you to the 70-80’s colonial era. Plan a romantic date for her and walk down the lanes of San Telmo where you will find interesting things like tango shows on streets, clubbing plus you can dress up in the traditional attires and take part in their festivities.

Walk among the Deads

The Recoleta Cemetery

Sounds a bit spooky, but it is one of the best experiences that you should not miss in Buenos Aires! The Recoleta Cemetery is an elite neighbourhood of Recoleta that brings life to its history like no other graveyard across the world. If you loved one is a history lover, then this place proves as a best place for a romantic date away from the hustle-bustle of the city. With marvellous statues and sarcophagi to admire, bet your photo session won’t come to an end!

Groove with your partner at a milonga

La Calesita

The high spirit of tango not only creates a sense of passion while dancing but also sparks up romance in between couples. You will find tango nights in every corner of Buenos Aires, popularly known as ‘milonga’. It is a fusion of different social beats clubbed in a 80-90’s ballroom dance. If you want to take her on a tango night date, then visit venues like La Calesita, where men and women are seated on either side, asking for dance involves a proper subtle nod, and eyebrow twitches. Sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Visit Gardens for Romancing on a Date

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

On a Sunday morning in Buenos Aires, what is better than hanging out with your partner amongst the best of gardens surrounded by buildings sparkling love and passion of Japanese and Argentine. The Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires is a reflection of what lies on the other side of the world. The typical spots like Palermo will take you to world that leads straight into the Japanese world full of love and excitement. If you are looking to spend some cosy time with her, plan and take her out on date amidst the nature.

One of the Best Romantic Places of the World Kauai, Hawaii

6 reasons why Kauai, Hawaii is one of the best romantic places of the world

In matters of romance, the conventional golden hour beauty is a safe bet. The tradition of associating pastel sunsets with blossoming passion and cultivating love is ages old. Whether the couple is seeking a retreat or a platform for reigniting of their desire, Kauai is the romantic’s dream.

Kauai, Hawaii

Primarily famous for its lavish honeymooning locations and hotels, Kauai is home to a range of dying traditional fashions and culture that have been rejuvenated with urban infusion. This ultimate Hawaiian escape for couples maintains the idea poise and perfection of balance between nature and luxury tourism. Here is what makes Kauai, Hawaii one of the most romantic places of the world:

1. The sparkling Mahaulepu Beaches

Mahaulepu Beaches

Romance entails an obligatory sense of privacy that the couple/lovers must be awarded. Expression of love is best made through minute details and nothing makes a more glorious difference than taking your loved one for a soothing, connecting stroll along on the white sands of Gillin’s, Ha’ula beach or Kawailoa Bay that are a majestic break from the new, tourism infused Hawaiian hotels. 

2. Witness Kauai’s underwater paradise

Tunnel Beach  Kauai's

The Lydgate Beach Park is chiefly popular for snorkeling, an activity that goes far beyond the realms of adrenaline and endorphins. Having the convenient sense of satisfaction of being with a loved one is fully realized while witnessing nature in all its strange, colorful and pulsing glory of the topical fishes and underwater world of Kauai. For couples interested in adventurous underwater experience then dive in Tunnel Beach which offers magnificent views along with water life.

3. Experience sunset aboard a charter

sunset aboard a charter Kauai

Romance and passion grow strong when coupled with indulgence and nothing fulfils the physical and mental desire of extravagance better than a setting sun spreading a pastel watercolor across horizon. Hop aboard a charter with your lover and let the glowing sky tease your taste buds while you enjoy delectable local cuisine with luxurious beverages. The Poipu Coast is a preferred choice among honeymooners due to easy and reliable availability of charters but Kauai is a gem if your heart desires longer posh experiences of cruises. 

4. Kauai waterfalls blessings for your humble love

Kauai waterfalls


The Kauai rainforest is a wonder and you need not switch to ‘let’s survive the wilderness’ mode to enjoy the expansive local flora. Taking a brief journey through the woods will bring you face to face with the Kapa’a waterfalls and there is indeed nothing more humbling, scary yet hauntingly beautiful than a lofty body of water carrying everything into ground with it. A narrow but an easy, low impact walk will make you appreciate the company of your lover more while you delight in nature’s eerie creations. 

5. Conventional but legendary scenic beauty

Kalalau Valley KauaI

The concept of being a modest spectator to the great natural beauty is as old as human civilization but there is something grand about Kauai’s archetypal crystal clear beaches, aquamarine w aters, bustling waterfalls carrying pearl-white water into hazy-greenish deep streams of water. Kalalau Valley, Na Pali coast, Hanalei Bay, Hanapepe, and every other place in Kauai is picturesque, classic and the talk of legends and with the land’s unexplored culture, your soul, mind and beauty is bound to grow with a visit.

6. Waimea Canyon, Pacific’s gem

Waimea Canyon


No adjectives can define the beauty of Waimea Canyon, one of Hawaii’s top draws. With its bright red appearance marked by hints of green and moss shades, this canyon park largely caters to not trekking and hiking tourism. But if you don’t mind acquiring some more memories of Hawaii’s grand marvels then a visit to this canyon with your loved one is a must.

So, trust the classic advice and take a plunge into extravagant Hawaiian sand and its turquoise beaches with your lover once and let the tropics fill your love with magic.

Vienna, Austria Best Romantic City for Couples

Vienna Austria – Why is it the Best Romantic City for Couples in the World?

Are you looking for ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship, but unable to find a unique idea to do so? Well, Vienna Austria is your romantic call! Vienna makes as a perfect vacation spot for couples looking to spend some quality time with each other amidst historical monuments and buildings. The people of Vienna are high on romantic music and coffee culture, extremely polite and warm when it comes to communicate. The trip to Vienna Austria will be one of your unforgettable vacations, irresistible and oozing romance through eyes.

Vienna Austria

Here is a complete guide for you to know why Vienna, Austria is the best romantic destination for your sweetheart:

  • Mesmerizing Weather and Springtime Romanticism

The best time to visit Vienna is during the spring and the fall. Despite, somehow, the weather remains chilly but spring is a great time to visit Vienna due to the popular festivities that happen during this time. The high tourism season just kicks off during spring, so you can easily find good hotels at a reasonable price too. In addition, spring gives a chance of exquisite romance to honeymooners, so that they can enjoy an oh-so-lovely time with their partners easily.

  • Art, Music and Dance in Vienna Culture

Vienna State Opera

Being an old city, Vienna has its own romantic charm that attracts couples from all around the globe. A sizzling walk tour through this city will help you know better about why is it a honeymooner’s paradise. The Vienna State Opera is one such opportunity for you to please her. Take her out on an opera date wherein you dress up in a tuxedo and your better half in a formal evening dress to attend a performance and celebrate a lovely evening by looking into each other’s eyes and dancing on the beats of fresh romance.

  • Admire the greenery and gardens of  Vienna Austria

Stadtpark Vienna

You must be thinking why you should visit gardens on your romantic getaway, but admiring nature is one kind of an experience only. Walking through one of the largest of the Ringstrasse parks, the Stadtpark makes as a perfect idea for romancing in the lanes of Vienna with an essence of folkloric music. The garden is stretched from just east of Schwarzenbergplatz to Stubentor, either side of the Wien River, which makes it more picturesque to stroll around with your partner. You will also find busts of Schubert, Bruckner, and Lehar scattered around the park, which catches attraction of many visitors.

  • Old-city charm and rich royal history

Schonbrunn Palace Viena

If your lover loves knowing about ancient histories of different places, then a walk through the old quarters of the city on the Danube around St. Stephen’s Cathedral will also make her day. Vienna oozes romance in every corner of its winding lanes, arcade-lined courtyards, and time-honoured monuments. In addition, you can also plan a royal tour for her to Schonbrunn Palace that is followed by a three-course dinner at Cafe-Restaurant Residenz. There is a place called the Orangery Schonbrunn in the palace where you can enjoy a live concert of classical music with works by famous musical artist Mozart and Strauss.

  • Famous romantic horse-carriage and boat rides in Vienna

Horse-driven carriage rides Viena

Horse-driven carriage rides are an integral part of a couple’s honeymoon itinerary. There is no cosier way for exploring Vienna attractions than on horse-driven carriages. Need a perfect date idea? Plan a horse-driven carriage tour for exploring Vienna attractions, hold your partner’s hand while taking the ride, and ignite the feeling of love in your relationship. You can also explore the beauty of Vienna by the means of a comfortable boat ride in between April to October. In addition, these boat rides are themed with live music and some luscious Vienna cuisine to make your time amazing in Vienna.

  • Have a sizzling time at beaches in Vienna

beaches in Vienna

There is nothing better than enjoying sensuous moments on your honeymoon. Therefore, Vienna Austria is your best bet for romanticism where you can go to different beaches and spend some cosy time. The banks of Danube, both side of the Neue Donau channel, take you to beach. You need to take the U1 to Donauinsel and walk until you find a desirable spot for both of you to lie down and chill. If you head downstream, you will also find nude spots at the beach marked as FKK on the maps, which has both swimming pools and beaches to let you connect.

Neue Donau channel Viena

Visit romantic destination Venice to reignite your love

Visit romantic destination Venice to reignite your love

Venice and romance are two sides of the same coin and years of literature, cinema, theatre featuring this Italian marvel as the perfect place to rejoice in and revive love has strengthened the idea. Venice always brought exuberance of love to the soul, heart and mind and visiting for honeymoon or a special trip with your loved one is akin to making a romance pilgrim.


It is the place where you reignite, rediscover, and celebrate your love and even poets, artists and moviemakers swear by its beauty. Venice is one of the romantic places of the world and here’s how you can revel in its grandeur:

The glorious Gondola date

Everything about the Venetian Gondola ride is classic romantic and it must be fundamental to any romantic’s trip to Venice. A Venetian vacation experience with your loved one sans the Gondola is an experience wasted…If you haven’t rode through Venetian canals with a beautiful gondola plying through the hypnotic waters then you haven’t even started with your journey.

Venetian canals

There’s nothing more dreamy about the sky tinted with pink and orange rays of the sun of golden hour and a couple plying through the hypnotic Grand Canal (4km) in a  classic Gondola ride.

  • The classic Gondola Date

Gondola ride

Charges for 40 minutes are around €80 and visitors are charged for additional minutes if they want to extend the ride. Gondola ride is expensive and 40 minutes aren’t sufficient enough for travelling through all of Venice but charting out the areas that you want to travel with your partner beforehand will save you the cost and you can even get a traghetto. Skip the day traffic and pick an early morning or evening ride for a quieter experience.

It’s built over a lagoon

A lagoon is defined as an enclosed or restricted shallow coastal body and the iconic Venice is actually built over a lagoon. This fact alone authenticates the city’s unbeatable splendor and legendary beauty. Besides, the city actually comprises 118 Islands which are collectively labeled a world heritage site. So, the city is officially one of the greatest romantic places and historically significant sites ever.


  • Enjoying a city built on a lagoon

The idea of a Venetian romantic holiday is probably as old as Shakespearean masterpieces or perhaps older but it’s still as rejuvenating as it was centuries back. The best way of exploring Venice as a romantic destination is by avoiding the mainstream places and famous piazzas and taking strolls through the narrow streets and enjoying the local cuisine at smaller cafes. Pavement Cafes may sure seem entertaining but they can be costly and visiting the famous sites is often a rushed affair especially during summer and spring so plan ahead and pick destinations that don’t face tourism explosion.

The Venetian Stroll

Venice under water

A Venice romantic holiday requires essential walking through the city, enjoying the golden sunlight and aquamarine waters below the bridge and getting lost amidst numerous piazzas. Even if you seem to figure out your way and simply can’t help not getting lost then just keep walking to explore the city at its best.

  • City Exploration on Foot

Get a map of historical Venice and enjoy walks through the Sestiere (or try out the contemporary map for borough based excursion). Cannaregio, San Marco, Dorsoduro (Zattere), etc are among the top Venetian highlights for walkers but they can also be crowded during peak season.

Venice International Film Festival (Lido De Venezia)

Venice is home to the oldest film festival of the world, La Biennale’s Venice Film Festival stated to be held since 1932. Although this information will possibly only entice movie buffs, but it is pretty impressive that the city has always been a bustling center for art, romance, beauty, conversations and the Festival venue is the exclusively lavish Lido De Venezia, another gem in Venetian Architecture.

Lido De Venezia Venice

  • A luxurious Lido De Venezia holiday

The La Biennale’s official website provides complete details on booking, schedule list, screening list, official selections so you can adjust trip arrangements as per the Festival.

Venetian Islands

The urban piazzas, postcard pictorial l like bridges and narrow but glowing waterways of Venice are only a novice highlight. The main draw of the city is its grander and lesser crowded Islands namely Torcello, San Michelle, Murano, Sant’Erasmo, Burano, etc. Because ferries and cruise ships undertake regular transportation and day long excursions from the mainland to the islands, you won’t have trouble getting there.

Torcello Island Venice

Venice’s commercial popularity has sure made it among top romantic destinations but not without repercussions. But the city is still hauntingly gorgeous and the perfect place to indulge in a re-birth of love, fervor and beauty. Cruise Venetian tourist companies have plenty of budget to plush romantic trip packages to pick from so you get a range to choice to savor the perfection of this European Romantic delight. Whether it is an anniversary celebration or a trip to stroke the old memories with your loved one, visiting Venice will get you singing songs of love, passion, and enchantment.

Aspen one of the most romantic place of the world

Why Aspen, Colorado is the most romantic place of the world?

If you are a romantic, you are always looking out for ways to spice up the romance, whether it is with your special friend that you love, your new spouse, or your mate of any years. Aspen situated in Colorado can be a great romantic getaway that will definitely renew that “loving feeling” in your relationship.


The picturesque mountain town of Aspen usually inspires thoughts of romance by the side of winter wonderlands, thrilling mountain trails and some of the best powder snow in the world. Aspen is one of the most romantic places of the world that will make you fall in love with your oh-my-darling!

Aspen picturesque mountain

Here are some of the lovely yet sizzling romantic ideas for you to make your beloved feel special in Aspen,

Learn How to Cook a Gourmet Meal for Your Much-Loved

  If your beloved adores food more than you, then what’s better than surprising him/her with a special gourmet meal? The Aspen Cooking School offers Couples in the Kitchen – a magnificent hands-on workshop for learning a five-course meal, knowing which wines to pair with it, and then relishing the entire meal together at night.  

Experience Adventure, Go Skiing


Aspen skiing


  With the world’s most fabulous four mountains located between Aspen and Snowmass, skiing is a must-to-do activity for every couple. From the mellow slopes at the Buttermilk mountain to the cutes in Aspen Highlands, you will surely have the time of your life and will not get bored with skiing any time soon. If you want to experience more thrill and romance, you can also enrol yourself in excellent ski schools with your partner.  

Go on a Date in a Hot Air Balloon


Aspen Hot Air Balloon


 Have you ever thought of an enthralling experience such as floating in the air in a hot air balloon just after sunrise with your loved one? Your Aspen vacation will be incomplete without a romantic hot air balloon ride. This adventure will give you a chance to enjoy some me-time with your heartthrob that will include a champagne brunch with an icing of chocolate-covered strawberries and flowers, then a flight over the Rockies to mesmerize your day like anything.  

Experience the Thrill of White Water Rafting

Aspen White Water Rafting If you are an adventurous couple who loves to express love through excitement, then you may enjoy white water sledging, a non-conventional new way of riding the rapids. This will ensure that you both have a gala time with each other while manoeuvring through the rough waters of the river.

Go for a Ravishing Couple’s Massage

There is nothing more romantic and relaxing than getting a couple massages with your sweetheart. Couples on their romantic getaway have an enticing option of getting a massage at Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel that offers rejuvenating 60 and 90 minutes side-by-side couples’s massages. The plus point is that you can totally get it customized according to your wish with a comprehensive choice of spa services as per your oh-so-special lover.