15 Essential Tips for Making Your Qatar Trip Memorable

Essential tips for your memorable Qatar trip

Qatar trip is really to visit the famed city of Doha. International tourism and business magazines have called it a brand new Gulf premier city in making and with its bounty of recreational luxury and budget vacation options; it is indeed a city worth visiting. Here are some tips everyone planning a Qatar holiday must know of:

Doha the real beauty of Qatar trip

1. Travelling to Qatar via national airways from several major cities of the world is easy now. You may also opt for British Airways, Emirates and other airways. Reaching Qatar via Dubai stopover is a bit cheaper.

2. Do not bring along pork products, alcohol or narcotics while visiting Qatar as these are banned here.

3. Climate: Qatar’s climate can be hostile but the initial winter month of November is fairly pleasant. The peak season is during spring when the climate is moderate so visiting during winter months or during March-April will be suitable. Summer brings sandstorm and extremely high and dry climate so if you are planning a Qatar trip, stick to the winter season

4. Things you must not forget: On your sightseeing Qatar tour, remember to pack some good sunglasses-hat to save you from the sunlight and a decent sun block to keep the tan at bay. Qatar being a religious country puts a lot of emphasis on the religious culture. The local clothing style has evolved following the religious culture so wear what covers your shoulders and legs. Plunging necklines are a big no-no for women. While covering the head is not a necessity but women should consider wearing scarves when walking inside a religious site. Moreover, men should keep the chest and legs covered too when in public.

5. Make sure that you are carrying travel health insurance. In case of any emergency, you may utilize the insurance to cover the high medical costs. Dial 999 for emergency medical help in Qatar.

6. Do carry photocopies of essential documents such as visas, passport, tickets and traveler’s cheques. Carry enough money in form of credit/debit cards, traveler’s cheques, cash and cash cards. Transactions: You will need to have Qatari Riyal for all transactions within the country but you can also use Saudi Riyals for small purchases.7. If you are sightseeing Qatar or the capital, Doha, then visiting the conventional Corniche is a must. The arched promenade whose view from the Doha Bay and the Clock tower is delightful is a place worth hanging out at if you are in the mood for some urban architect study. You will find most people walking along the pathway as the Corniche offers a grand view of the capital and is among its greatest gems.

Doha bay

8. Another place worth visiting in Doha is the Rumeila park which has everything to amuse the traveler inside you. From grand art galleries, cafeterias to skateboarding space, the park is everything. A must visit whether you are travelling with family or with friends.

Rumeila park Doha

9. The Katara Cultural Village is another one of Doha’s classic attraction with its wondrous roman styled architectural and cultural design. If you are a foodie then you will fall in love with the food!

10. Some Museums in Doha may not be open so before you take your sightseeing Doha tour, check with the authorities beforehand. The is renowned for its wide collections sought from distinct continents though and is mostly open during the day.

Doha Museum of the Islamic Art

11. While Doha dictates the Qatari tourism model, Khor Al Udeid is another tourism centric region where the rolling dunes offer an exotic rush of adrenaline. You can get any tourist company to get your a guided tour with racing included along with local cuisine meals and a campfire experience.

Khor Al Udeid

12. If Qatar trip amuses you beyond your wildest expectations then you can seek an extension for 14 days.

13. Qatar has a bounty of recreational vacation options and some amazing hotels. Doha has numerous accommodation options that suit all budgets so whether you want a budget hotel or a 5-star, the capital won’t fail to impress you.

14. Qatar’s culture has roots in the Bedouin tribes (nomadic) who are now well known for their exquisite art of weaving. You can get souvenirs with Bedouin styled weaving like saddlebags, Qatari Fabric, golden-silver embroidered clothing, tents, etc from the Souq Waqif and other markets.

Souq Waqif

15. You might have some trouble getting around since the local administration has recently sponsored the setting up of street numbers. Most addresses don’t contain street numbers but have information on landmarks. So, getting around on your own car get troublesome but you can hire cabs or limousines from the hotels and get a guide to help you navigate.

Visit Capital City of Qatar- Doha

Visit capital city of Qatar- Doha

Qatar, the country well known for its jaw dropping skyscrapers, is in news for all the right reasons: The FIFA world cup of 2022 that it is going to host. Naturally, Qatar is among travelers’ most sought after destinations of the Gulf world with its urban vacation infrastructure. Among Gulf nation’s premier and ultra modern cities, the capital of Qatar, Doha is a city in making. Set to become a modern, high tech legend equipped with grand infrastructure and fascinating recreational facilities, Doha is the place to be.  Easily accessible, Doha is well connected thanks to the new forming connectivity alliances and growing airway industry.  Read on as we count down the top things you can’t skip when travelling Doha: 

A good old fashioned Urban-Nature study at the Al Corniche

Al Corniche adds charm to Qatar’s capital with its wide seaside promenade and paradisiacal views of the Palm Tree Island. The skyscrapers are a bonus if you appreciate the grand urban landscapes.

Quick tip: Visit on Friday morning if you prefer the serenity.

Some Sightseeing Doha at the Old Clock Tower

Adjacent to the Grand Mosque, Doha’s Clock Tower gives some great views of the corniche. Situated on a hill, the place is pretty interesting for a linguistic buff.

Doha at the Old Clock Tower

Explore at Museum of the Islamic Art

Designed by the architectural legend IM Pei, Museum of the Islamic Art is located amidst beautiful lawns, ornamental trees and appears more of a adorned monument than a museum. A postmodern fortress of minimalism style, the Museum of the Islamic Art has the widest collection of Islamic art across the world. Showcasing artifacts and other items arranged from three continents, the museum indeed hosts exquisite works of art.  A cafe downstairs will keep your cravings satiated too. 

Doha Museum of the Islamic Art

Quick Tip: For other museums and collections Doha travel, call beforehand to check the opening hours.

Dinner and Corniche view aboard a Dhow Ride

Conventional but the charming Dhow Ride at the Doha bay is something that you can’t miss. If you fancy a view of the Corniche aboard a boat from the bay then Dhow Ride is a must for you. You can hire local fishing boats (close to the Al-Mourjan restaurant) if you feel spontaneous and enjoy some amazing dinner and local music and culture.

Dhow Ride at the Doha bay

Quick Tip: Get your operator to book the ride for you for cruise Doha accommodation.

A Heritage House Visit

The Heritage Museum was formerly the ethnographic museum and has now been restored as the traditional house that once was in 1935. If you fancy some local architectural designs then visiting the museum for badghir (wind tower) must be on your itinerary. The square shaped wind tower used to be a common architectural feature as it assists during hotter climates before air-conditioning ruled the market. The Museum’s opening hours are usually subject to speculation but the Badghir is worth a visit.  

Heritage Museum Doha

Souvenir Shopping at the Souq Waqif

Home to some amazing puzzling corridors, Arabic market quarter of Doha, the Souq Waqif is a place you can’t skip visiting. Well organized with distinct sections for items like spices, textiles, falcons, etc the market is a great place to get some authentic souvenirs and enjoy some Sheesha. Food at the restaurants is fairly good too.

Souq Waqif

Architectural admiration at Al Zubara Fort 

To visit the Al Zubara Fort, you will have to travel100 km west of Doha, where the town of Al Zubara lies. The place is renowned for archaeological reasons and the fort which now serves as a museum. The fort is a beautiful square-shaped structure with well designed circular towers that lie in three of the corners. The fourth corner has a rectangular tower which makes it an architectural gem too.

Al Zubara Fort

A study in the part with Heritage library

Hosting an extensive collection of more than 51,000 books in numerous languages, 600 antique maps, and several manuscripts, original photographs, the Heritage Library is a classic portal for those with a knack for culture and penchant for documented history. 

Heritage library Doha

Getting around in Doha

Getting around in the capital might prove to be a bit hectic but certain apps for hiring cabs function well and hiring limousines or Karwas is another options that travelers can resort to. Another suggestion is to keep abreast with Doha mapping and navigation services since not having any street numbers or plates for easy street identification might confuse some travelers. The local addresses contain Landmarks so guides and cab drivers will help your navigate.

Where to stay?

Doha is bounty of accommodation options that suit an extensive range of budget. Whether it is a luxury stay that you are looking for or a long term apartment rental or just a budget-friendly holiday, Doha has it all. In fact, there are some hotels that help manage visa requirements so travelers can also stay at the hotels that help navigate through the tourism visa applications.

For the quintessential Doha travel experience, enjoy a nice cup of mint tea at the famed Asherg coffee house at the Souq. Foodies would cherish some delectable Qatari cuisine at the famed Al-Tawash restaurant of the Souq that has some classic Bedouin seating setting.