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Seven Exotic Beaches of Australia

Explore the Seven Exotic Beaches of Australia Mention Australia and all we can think about is the country’s amazing and long stretched beaches. Australia has too many of universally high quality beaches and no beach will ever disappoint you! The most interesting part is that the Australians (the general citizens) really take good care of their coastlines by keeping in clean and free from pollution at all times. Let’s have a look at the seven exotic¬†beaches of Australia that you, […]

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Best Sunny Beaches in United States

The Best Sunny Beaches in United States The sun shines bright, the ocean breezes blow as the mystical palm trees gently swing overhead. The smell of coconut oil lingers in the air, as tanned beautiful women casually stroll by. A perfect tropical paradise, filled with ecstasy of freedom from the hectic and monotonous everyday life. Yes! it is time for a beach vacation. When one needs an escape from their daily lives the gusting water at the sea offers a […]

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Top Beaches of Asia

Top Beaches of Asia Beach vacations summarize the perfect holiday and there is simply no denying that the magnificent continent of Asia is home to plenty of stunning beaches with crystal sand and dazzling water. Get to know some of the¬†top beaches of Asia here: Koh Phangan, Thailand Koh Phangan is a famous island that is situated off South Thailand coast. Beach parties, Full Moon parties have given it a hedonistic reputation and spellbinding music, affordable beverages and inexpensive yet […]

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