Best Treehouse Hotels of the World

Best Treehouse Hotels of the World

Treehouse hotels are unique places to stay and enjoy the thrill of wildlife, jungle, mountains and valleys. The treehouses range from rustic to luxurious types and they offer a delight to nature lovers. In a treehouse, hotel birds would be your neighbors, green trees would be your home and a melodious song would set your mood. Treehouse hotels have gained attention among the nature lovers. Here is the list of some best Treehouse hotels:

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Manaus-Brazil

The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is undoubtedly the world’s largest tree-top-hotel. The hotel has rooms such as Discovery and The Jacques Cousteau and every room has a private balcony to admire the mesmerizing views of the jungle and the Negro River. There is a swimming pool on the top of it. A total of 268 rooms are there and they all are connected by 30 ft high wooden catwalk. Cost per night starts from $476.

Treehotel — Harads, Sweden

Treehotel is a precious showcase created by the top architects of Sweden. The hotel is built in a pine forest and it includes six different rooms. Each room is built on a unique theme such as Dragonfly, The UFO or The Blue Cone. Its design signifies latest eccentric tree houses that look similar to mirror cubes, bird nests,and UFOs. One night stay would cost you around $550.

Tree hotel Harad, Sweden

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Free Spirit Spheres — Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Free Spirit Spheres is renowned for its floating cedar or hanging spruce orb that will rock you to sleep. The hotel is situated in anold-growth forest. There are only three rooms and each room has a acrazy name. Melody, Eryn, Eve are a few popular names. The hotel looks like a pendant with spheres hanging among the branches at 15 ft above the ground. Cost per night is $155.

TreeHouse Point — Issaquah, WA

World renowned tree house builder has put in his best efforts to build this masterpiece. The hotel is designed with world-class cabins, cedarbeds and personal balconies. The location of the hotel works in its favor. The place holds Summer concerts and nature conservation tours.One night stay will cost you around $195. Six rooms are available for the guests.

Chateaux dans les Arbres in the Dordogne — Nojals-et-Clotte, France

The design of the Chateaux dans les Arbres is imitated from traditional French châteaux. There are three huge castle houses that are built on stilts between oak and chestnut trees. The main attractions include a terraced hot tub and an infinity pool. The pricing is as high as $325 per night.

FincaBellavista — Golfito, Costa Rica

FincaBellavista is more of a treehouse community. The hotel is situated in the rainforest of Costa Rica in Pacific Coast. The rooms are built at 90 ft above the forest surface. All the eight rooms are quite traditional. The servicemen are decent enough to let you enjoy hiking, surfing and zip-lining with them.  The cost per night starts from $50.

InkaterraReservaAmazonica Canopy Tree House — Puerto Maldonado, Peru

InkaterraReservaAmazonica Canopy Tree House has a single room and the cost per night is around $400. The room is built at 90 ft above the forest floor. The hotel offers a splendid night-time tour on a bridge that connects it to the resort’s quarter-mile. The best part is that you will get a feel of sleeping among wildlife on wooden floors.

SanyaNanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club — Hainan Island, China

The SanyaNanshan Treehouse Resort is surrounded by 5,000 acre Buddhist and ecological theme park that has botanical gardens,traditional temples and pagodas. There are four rooms with the capacity to house 20 guests in three levels. One among them is a Big Beach in the Sky that offers views of South China Sea. The height varies according to tree height.

Nothofagus Hotel & Spa — Neltume, Chile

With more than 55 rooms, the Nothofagus Hotel & Spa is one of the biggest treehouse hotels. The hotel guarantees a luxurious feel with private balconies that shows the sights of both the Patagonian Andes and MochoChoshuenco Volcano.Other features include full pool and spa in a restaurant and rainforest showers. All these amenities will cost you more than $315 per night.

Bangkok Tree House — Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Tree House is simply a bed on water. The hotel includes a now all or ceiling room, called the “View with a Room” which makes it worldwide famous. Total number of rooms is 12 and the residents are charged $125 per night. It is 23 ft above in the air. It features astonishing sleek treetop rooms and floating double bed called the River Nest.

Bangkok tree hotel

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