Best Train Experiences of the World

Best Train Experiences of the World

A blissful train journey evokes the true quintessence of travel. You not only enjoy the landscape passing by you, but you can feel it clattering under your shoes. Train travel gives you extreme sense of freedom as you can eat and roam around, stare out of window, enjoy the lovely breeze and best train experiences of the w0rld .

Here, we will share the 10 picturesque and best train experiences of the world with you.

1. Tranz Alpine Train

One of the fondest experiences anyone can ever have while travelling to New Zealand. This enthralling journey crosses through the rolling Canterbury Plains, then passes through scenic gorges and valleys around the Waimakariri River and reaches Grey-mouth. The scenery in this whole train journey is breathtaking and gives you the best train experiences especially in winters.

Tranz Alpine Train

2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The little blue and red Darjeeling Himalayan steam train is an eye-catcher. It climbs over 2000 metres into mountains after leaving Siliguri at the foot of the Himalayas and proceeds to Ghum to reach Darjeeling. The train journey rides over extravagant gorges, panoramic view of mountains, and picturesque terraces of tea plantations.

3. The Rocky Mountaineer

One of the best train routes in the world is the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. This beautiful train journey with a combination of great view and service starts in Vancouver and covers exquisite sights of majestic mountains, scenic valleys, forests, and calm lakes as it moves from Vancouver to Banff. It will also give you the best train experiences.

The Rocky Mountaineer

4. The Ghan

The two day train ride takes you from one part of Australia to another i.e. Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north. The whole journey looks like a mesmerizing dream that moves through Australia’s vast and extensive panorama of gum groves, desert scrub, rust coloured rocks, and thriving tropical vegetation.

The Ghan

5. The West Highland Line

It has been voted as the most scenic railway lines in the history of train travel. This amazing train journey covers the west coast of Scotland to Glasgow in around ninety minutes. It treats you with the mystical views of lochs as it passes through the lush-green forests, tea plantations, and beautiful valleys.

The West Highland Line

6. King of Fjords Rail

This classical train travel trip is offered in Scandinavia in order to show the best of nature’s scenic beauty. The five-day train tour travels from Osli to Mydal for a ride through the spectacular glaciers, deep and rich valleys, enticing waterfalls, and stunning Norwegian fjords that will surely enthuse the most eagle-eyed traveller in your heart.

King of Fjords Rail

7. The Sunlander

An overnight train ride in the Sunlander from Brisbane to Cairns in Queensland will make you fall in love with the panoramic view that the nature offers here. This coastal journey through Queensland offers a marvellous glance of the actual beauty of the coastal area while sitting on your seat.

The Sunlander train

8. Trans-Siberian Railway

The name alone speaks of true adventure, romance, serene ambience, revolution, and steaming samovars. The Trans-Siberian train system is the only world’s longest and basic start-stop trip with a number of multiple tailored trips for travellers. The train journey offers meaningful sightseeing tours and full-blown expeditions covering mountains, lush forests, and composed rivers.

Trans-Siberian Railway

9. The Douro Line

To get a taste of travelling in the 19th century, the Douro Line of Portugal is the best train journey as there are a steam train that takes you along the rocky ravine of the Douro Rover. The travellers tend to find breathtaking views of fairytale-like villages, lush vineyards, and olive groves of Douro.

The Douro Line

10. Rovos Rail

The shining five-star luxurious train journey traverses half the length of Africa, from Dar es Salam in the east across the central areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other major parts of South Africa. The Rovos Rail offers wonderful luxury to travellers inside the train and a taste of backwoods to glance outside the windows.

Rovos Rail