Backpacking, the Essential Things to Carry

What are the backpacking essential things to carry with you?

Backpacking around the world is not only fun but lets you discover the unseen areas of the world. It is one of the best and cheapest ways of exploring different destinations around the world.

If you are planning to go on a backpacking trip any soon, then make a list of all the backpacking essential things that you will require while on trip. Nevertheless you need to carry these backpacking essential things with you to avoid stress and save time and money:

Sturdy Backpack

The backpack means a lot as it should be able to hold plenty of stuff and totally versatile too with external pockets and clips for securing items like sleeping bags, mats, torch etc.

Surplus Food

You can plan to have cheap meals wherever possible but it is better to utilize the kitchens in hostels or supermarkets nearby. You should also carry surplus food items like biscuits, dry fruits, chips, and fruit jam along with energy foods and beverages with you. Do not spend your whole budget on the first meal, even if it is tempting enough.


You need water for survival from the first day till the end of your backpacking trip. For this reason, carrying water bottles should be the top most priority along with water treatment system.

Portable Gadgets

While you are backpacking, it is mandatory to carry electronic gadgets with you like camera and MP3 player along with required chargers and batteries. Some of the other things can be small laptop, a small portable charger, binoculars, cell phone, torch, and a calculator. There is no harm in keeping survival tools like a pocket chain saw, flashlight, batteries, map and compass in your backpack as they will definitely help you somewhere during your backpacking trip.

Weather appropriate clothing

As a backpack traveller, you will definitely experience different seasons and climates. For this, you need to have a very limited wardrobe, yet versatile enough to last the distance and changing seasons. Therefore, accordingly pack rainwear, summer clothes or winter wear, suitable footwear and accessories such as hat, sunglasses, bandana, skin products, etc.  Always carry extra pair of undergarments and socks.

First Aid Kit

Nothing can help you better than a fully trained medic, however while backpacking you don’t get one around or with you. Therefore, you need to carry a good first aid kit with you. The first aid kit should contain essential medicines, Band-Aids, safety pins, cloth tape, sanitizer, disposable soaps and insect repellents. Toiletry kit is another compulsory tool to carry.

Other essential tools

You also need to carry tent, tarp, blanket, sleeping bag, pillow, stove, fuel, cooking and other utensils and nylon cord.

Along with the above list, some not to miss items though obvious ones are credit cards/ ATM card, guidebook, necessary permits, driving license, passports and visas along with photocopies and travel insurance.