Auli and Adjacent Areas in UttaraKhand

Auli and adjacent areas in UttaraKhand

When you reach Joshimath after a long rough hilly journey, there is a clear feeling of relief and soaring spirit of achievement. First step taken, now next the final rendezvous would be into the realms of yet unknown prospects of reaching to snowy peak of Auli. What would seem truly exciting is that Auli is an upcoming ski resort of Uttarakhand and making its mark on national as well as international map of skiing.

 Why visit Auli?

Skiing resort

Auli was developed as tourist resort only after formation and rise of Uttrakhand state. Auli claims Asia’s longest cable car (Gondola), scaling 4 km almost the vertical distance, it also has the Chair Lift and Ski-Lift facilities. If someone chooses to trek, then there is an interesting trek route for being on skiing site of Auli. The weather here is wee bit unpredictable, you never know when it changes gear and you have to be locked up in your hotel room instead of being on the skiing grounds to enjoy the sport.

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Appropriately named by many as the haven for skiing activities, this hilly resort is a perfect for skiing and nature lovers. The place is very serene and sedate to the mind, take a walk or just sit and enjoy the solitude and fresh air of Himalayas.


How to reach Auli

Air- Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Dehradun at nearly 300km from Auli. The airport has daily flights from major cities.

Helicopter– Helicopter services available from Dehradun and Haridwar

Railway– Nearest railway station is Rishikesh and Haridwar 268 and 293 km respectively which are well connected to all the major cities.

Road– Hilly road starts from Rishikesh 268 km, Buses and taxis are available.



It is the place where journey to Auli begins, at 1890 m (6200ft). Joshimath is the main town around here. Historically it’s one of the four Shankaracharya’s Muth or spiritual abodes. It is home to Sri Badrinathji in winter. Kalvriksha and Narsingh Temples should be visited while here. This is here, where the cable car journey begins for Auli.


Auli artificial lake

It’s one of highest man- made lakes in the world. This unspoiled lake was created to create artificial snow during feeble snowy season. The water of this lake is used to feed snow making and spraying guns installed at various points along the slopes of skiing resort.

Auli artificial lake

Gurso Bugya

Bugyal is Pastureland in local Garhwali language. A trek to 3056 meter (more than 10000ft.) takes you to this green area, having gorgeous view to Himalayas and coniferous forests. This grassy green looks transforms to white snowy fields in the winters.

Gurso Bugyal


4km trek, 1 km beyond Gurso Bugyal will bring you to Chattrakund, a tiny lake of crystal clear waters. The place carries an aura of mystical surroundings.

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Chenab Lake

An enchanting lake set in the lovely surroundings, beyond Dang village of Joshimath, a trying Trek takes you to this place of forests, green meadows and clear waters, an amazing experience of serenity and peace, this lake is best to visit between May and October only.

Chenab Lake

Kwani Bugyal

12 km from Gurso Bugyal is the green meadows place, a trekker’s paradise. At an elevation of 3380 m (11100ft) its best for the visit between May to October.

Kwani Bugyal


In Auli, one can book and stay in GMVN rest house and there are few more lovely places to stay while in Auli and Joshimath.