Air travel tips for senior citizens

Air travel tips for senior citizens

Air Travel seems a tedious affair to the senior citizens who find it difficult to undergo the rigorous effects that travelling by air has on the body. However, this should not stop you from flying. Here are some travel tips for senior citizens to follow during flight to minimize the effects of air travel on body and have an enjoyable and relaxed journey.

Air travel for  senior citizens

Avoid moving around on a flight if you are a heart patient

Think again of travelling in a plane, if you are a heart patient. It would create a worse spot for you as air pressure at peak is low which would match your heart. Also, it is an advice for older people who are suffering from depressed or high line pressure, please and please avoid flights as a great deal as you can. It’s better to consult your doctor first before opting for air travel.This is one of the travel tips for senior citizens to follow during flight.

Run around at day hours

It would be very hard for an older person to move early in the morning or late in the nighttime.It is nifty if you can discover a flight, which board and deboard at day hours only.  Also, prefer to travel with family as it is impossible for an elder person to carry the luggage and board the flight at the same time.

Ticket booking

Ticket booking must be managed cautiously, as you can get discounts on the tickets for elder people. Always prefer front seat for elder person or the seat holding the extra legroom. Mention the needs during the ticket booking only as there will be no adjustments after that.

Assistance at Airport

Assistance at Airport for senior citizens

There is a facility, especially for older people at the airport. You can apply for assistance at the airport, in which a person will pick you up from the airport gate and drop you to the plane. There are some private companies which will be there for this purpose only. Also, you can apply for the wheelchair facility, in which the person will drop you in a wheelchair.

Separate bag for medicine

Make sure you are carrying a different bag for medicines as it would be easy during the security checking. If you carry medicines with your luggage, then you have to take it out for the security check purpose, which would be difficult for you. Moreover, make sure you have ample supplies of medicines that you may require in an emergency.

Food Preferences

Always make sure to keep the low fat and simple food preference on your checklist. It might be a little tempting to go for the delicacies offered on the flight, but make sure you stick to a normal diet that will help your digestive system remain calm and assist in the proper working of your metabolism.

Boarding/ de-boarding advantage

You can board the flight earlier as compared to other people, and at a de-boarding time, you can take extra time to move out. This is the special facility provided at the airport for older people only, so make a use of it.

These are the major things which must be held in mind by senior citizens during the journey by air. Also, never hesitate to ask for help if you need it.